Monaco take pole position in race for Belotti

Monaco have returned to the charge for Andrea Belotti and believe they can convince him to accept a deal soon.

The 28-year-old Italian forward is leaving Torino after seven years next week, ready for a new adventure after a long period of service in the Piedmont capital. He had hoped to join Milan, who have been keen to make a move for him in the past, but nothing has materialised and now there is a chance that he’ll leave Italy altogether.

As reported by, Monaco have recently upped the pressure as they look to finalise a deal with Belotti. The 28-year-old has taken a few days to consider the Ligue 1 side’s valuable three-year offer and he is extremely tempted.

In the Principality, he’d be given a leading role and would have the chance to play in the Champions League, depending on how the preliminaries go. Fiorentina are also interested in a move for Belotti, so now he has to decide whether he’s desperate to stay in Italy or not.

4 Comments on “Monaco take pole position in race for Belotti”

  1. Sad to see he didnt progress, started of well but stayed at the same level – understand he had some injuries.
    But overall you can tell the italian coaches are way behind other countries.

    Italy been talking about a revamp since the Calciopoli – nearly been 20yrs since – and nothing changed

  2. @Mohammed behind who? Must be why clubs from all around world are always taking Italian coaches. Maybe you’re too tired from commenting on every article 🙄

  3. @Joe

    Aw the jealous and resentment. Who are the reigning champions of Europe? Are you upset because Hungary whilst managed by an Italian coach trounced you at home?

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