Moggi still unimpressed with Moratti’s ownership of Inter


Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi thinks Massimo Moratti should take note of Inter’s growth since his departure.

Moratti owned the Nerazzurri for 18 years from 1995 to 2013, managing the team as they won five Scudetti, four Coppa Italia, four Supercoppa Italiana, the Champions League, a FIFA Club World Cup title and a UEFA Cup. Despite this, the former Juventus director is still not impressed with his time in charge.

Discussing Moratti’s ownership of Inter to Libero, Moggi noted that ‘Moratti should take note on how to manage a winning reality. It would be opportune to make a comparison between the management of the past and the present to understand the reason of this rebirth of Inter.’

Moggi highlighted the former Inter owner’s various faults and mistakes, saying ‘And for this, it would be enough to remember that the Inter of Moratti’s time fired coaches like Lippi – who later became world champion – and Gasperini, who for some time now has been proving to be one of the best coaches in Italy.

‘And to top it off, he changed 25 coaches from 1994 to 2006 without ever adapting to their characteristics. However, it was clever to create a false passport to use a player, Recoba, from non-EU to EU.’ He concluded.

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  1. Could he be more bitter? Moratti is honorary citizen of Milan, Moggi is an ex-con with no money left so he has to go on a 3rd tier website for pocket change, hopng anyone besides Football Italia will listen.

    You lost everything in court dear bald man, Moratti won. Get over it, youre 84 years old lol.

  2. As if Moggi’s juve didn’t fire a coach like Ancelotti who went on to win 3 CLs or sell a player who went on to become one of the greatest ever in Thierry Henry or sell Inzaghi to Milan, a move that helped Milan win 2 CLs…

  3. The justification for moratti will not be held in this world
    Mark my words. He is also a cheater, more than moggi

  4. @Juve paid 40 Million. Moggi was interviewed by Libero, not FI. You need to be literate before you can criticize others.

  5. @Cypher @Anti internazi

    you forgot your medicine?
    your place is in a madhouse, moggi´s in a prison. but you are all free. what a strange world we live in.

  6. Cesare Zaccone, juve lawyer: juve deserved Serie C.

    I guess Moratti forced him to say this

    Moggi was convicted by Naples civil Court

    I guess Moratti controlled them too

    Delusion is nice.

  7. I wish he was still at Juve, instead of those clowns Paratici, Nedved, Cherubini, etc. He was a guy who knew how to buy players – never mind Marotta. Will never forget that Zidane sale, to then go on and buy Buffon, Nedved and Thuram. Or four years later – on the last day of the transfer market, in came Ibra, Cannavaro and Emerson. Genius. The only way Moratti’s Inter could eventually win was by invoking Calciopoli, which was all a load of rubbish anyway.

  8. Fachetti at Inter was as guilty as Moggi. Inter only skipped punishment because the lapse of time (case being out of statute) Morata is a useless big mouth. Between him and Moggi, i will pick Moggi 10 times over and over.

  9. Fachetti was dead in 2006, how do you go on trial from a grave? Lol. As guilty as Moggi, sure because of all the zero Scudetti the refs helped Inter to win at the expense of moggi’s poor juve victims lol

  10. @imposter I have always been a Juventus fan. Stop pretending with the virtuous Shinter BS and trying to make yourself seem smarter lol. Loser get a life!!!

  11. Juve fans are so sensitive when it comes to this guy named “Moggi”. I wonder what he did ? While one will be remembered as an ambitious president who won the treble the other represents the SHAME of Italian football in recent history and probably in many years to come as well. Well…until another one do the same from that club in the future.

  12. @fake Ahmed Hossam, your life must be really sad that you need to copy my name to feel better about yourself. You could use a nick like Serie B fan or club that never won a Treble fan instead…

  13. Another Inter article and an army of butt-hurt Juve fans. What a great moment we Inter fans are living! Merry Christmas everybody!

  14. @Ahemd Houssam I did not know the juvefan is reserved for you kiddo, this is my first time writing here and never read any of your previous silly and stupid comments

  15. @juvefan this retard is trolling me. My team is Juve and he only writes nonsense about them, and to add insult to injury he is claiming to support Shinter. I am not surprised as they are always copying us. First asking for our managers, players, directors and changing the badge. Nothing original about that club, next they will be begging Amazon studios to make them a documentary, but I doubt they will give them any consideration. Amazon only likes to deal with the best clubs in each country.

  16. Juve got Marotta from Samp and Conte from Lecce, and Conte had coached at several clubs before juve. It’s not like they started their lives at juve. Tell me where Pirlo and Bonucci were in the past as youngsters? At Inter. Do you need a list of all the players that played for juve after Inter? Plenty of them. And you are after Icardi now… so don’t imply as if you never sign people with Inter past because you do, so I guess you are copying Inter then. May be you can copy the Treble… dream on!

  17. Speaking of documentaries, Netflix did a nice one on juve’s corruption during Calciopoli. Good watch.

  18. Hello @dzurjakcsopi, you cannot even spell parallel properly clown face. Also learn grammar properly infant. Always begin with capital letters, that might help you. Finally never answer your own question Einstein. Typical Shinter fan, why am I not surprised. They lack football knowledge and basic decency, but that is not a shock. After all it is your club that got on all fours and begged Conte to manage you. The shame of asking an ex Juventino capitano to train and guide a club that likes to lie, cheat, steal and copy. We never pick up your garbage period. I bet if Conte asked you to bark like a dog you would do it and they probably sucked something else as well.

  19. Speaking of documentaries, Netflix did a nice one on juve’s corruption during Calciopoli. Good watch.

  20. Lmao Football-Italia did a great job adding a comment section. These comments are impossible to skip because of how funny they are. Only problem is adding a way to get a notification when someone responds to hour comment and having your own name so no one copies it and confuses others.

  21. Collect 10 fan tokens and you will get a free toaster. Pathetic sponsorship deal that does not even come close to the deal we have.

  22. Yet juve are 12 points behind the reigning Champions and current leaders

    Congratulations on your better sponsorship contract lol.

  23. Bianconeri… even your colors tell you’re a criminal with a jail jersey x)
    Old fox must be feeling SO damned for being the scapegoat of the Agnelli family… left with no money, no honor, and no life for someone else’s club and honor. what an honor! to be Agnelli’s little dog.

    long live cheaters, Serie A is nothing for decades thanks to you and won’t be for years to come.
    It’s literally the easiest thing in the world to realize what a dirty club Rube is and stop supporting them. you’re either a true idiot or a criminal yourself to support such a dirty club. no other possibility

  24. Ignorant inter fans: read up on il prescrizione. It’s when inter effectively were found guilty of cheating after morattopoli only to be saved by the statute of limitations. That’s kind of why everyone in Italy calls you cheats “prescritti”? 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Moggi: my favourite incompetent Moratti moment of incompetence above firing lippi, was selling pirlo to their city rivals Milan for a bag of oregano. Or cannavaro to Juve only for him to win the ballon dor months later. Thanks stupid 😂😂😂😂

  25. as much as moratti one of the most beloved president of inter. he was running inter so bad as business model, the fact inter struggle financially later on his ownership then change owners twice more partly blame from his worst management skills.

    he should build new stadium when they have lots money and invest more on academy like english clubs model. instead he wasting money buying deadweight like recoba, seedorf, roberto carlos, coco etc etc. and they sold so many young player like bonucci and pirlo too early.

    i dislike moggi but he has points about moratti low management skills. as much i hated moggi, he one of the best director on italian league prior to calciopoli. calciopoli will forever tarnish his reputation but we cant just erased what he had done before that for juventus.

  26. That is correct Antonio, we are 12 pts behind. But for 8 seasons you were like 40 points behind but kept oh so quiet then. In terms of revenue generated, we are the only Italian club in the top the 10 worldwide. In terms of fan followers, again we are the only Italian club in the top 10 globally. The great Inter languish outside in Everton and Zenit territory just where you belong. You can cherry pick your own facts and have an opinion but the most important facts cannot be disputed.

  27. Louch

    Maybe you should read up on Calciopoli. Stefano Palazzi is the man youre looking for, prosecutor of the case.

    He did say, he wanted Inter relegated to Serie B, only problem is he was the PROSECUTOR, not the judge. It was his job to try to make a case that could get Inter convicted.

    You can actually just look at Palazzis encounter with Juve to understand this. He argued for Juve to be sent to Serie C, which they were, but the judge later revoked that and only sent Juve to Serie B.

    So In other words, you snowflake juventini, the guy you lean on when arguing limitatons aso, is the same guy that wanted Juve in Serie C. I guess you didnt believe in him then lol.

  28. Hey snowflake, deflect / deny all you want. Statute of limitations aren’t for the innocent. And that’s what inter were protected by under morattiopoli. FACT. Address that if you want to engage not get into useless specifics about the prosecutors NAME LOL. His name????? Never mind his useless name snowflake. PRESCRIZIONE aren’t for the innocent. Prescritto 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  29. This is brilliant strategy from FI to keep FI running while on holiday, present us with a controversial piece lol.

    Merry Christmas guys 🙂

  30. Louch

    Its not my fault you cant read. Good luck with that, and enjoy another great season for Juve. 12 points.

  31. Speaking of prescritti, were prescribed in doping scandal and moggi was prescribed in civil trial, both after CONVICTED VERDICTS. Inter were not convicted to begin witg, there was no trial just an accusation by a prosecutor not a VERDICT from a judge. If juventini are clueless enough not to get the difference…

  32. Speaking of prescritti, juve were prescribed in doping scandal and moggi was prescribed in civil trial, both after CONVICTED VERDICTS. Inter were not convicted to begin witg, there was no trial just an accusation by a prosecutor not a VERDICT from a judge. If juventini are clueless enough not to get the difference…


    Unfortunately juventini are not the smartest, their club escaped by prescription in doping scandal of Agricola but they call others prescritti, how bright lol. And their idol Moggi was saved by prescription in Naples civil trial, but they idolise him…

  34. How many more times will the Rube fans still blame, deflect and deny. Serie b is a permanent stain on your record!

  35. Maybe some college graduates or an independent low budget production company can make the Inter documentary. Perhaps they can detail the work of Guido Rossi, Tronchetti Provera and Fachetti.

  36. Maybe some college graduates or an independent low budget production company can make the Inter documentary. Perhaps they can detail the work of Guido Rossi, Tronchetti Provera and Fachetti.

  37. @fake Ahmed Hossam

    May be you can write a teary letter to FIFA or UEFA instead of crying here, may be they will care and give juve back the 2 Scudetti

    Why didn’t juve complain to CAS if everything in Italy is pro-Inter? Lol.

    Why did juve lawyer plead guilty?

    Did you know that juve were sponsored by Telecom Italia and that Guido Rossi himself used to work as an advisor for the Agnelli family? I guess not.

  38. @fake Ahmed Hossam. Yes YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. We are all Juventini in the House of Hossam. Pretending to be an Inter fan is a new low even for you. You should get help asap!!! Very disturbing to know there are people like you in this world. Shame on you!

  39. @The Queen’s Half Corgi


    Relegated along with their reputation.

    Despite winning 9 Scudetti in a row they are still bitter lol.

  40. And I`m unimpressed with someone ending up in jail.

    LOL are you guys really posting trash by someone who was caught cheating?

  41. @I MISS JUVENTUS IN SERIE B: Must I remind you that Facchetti was caught on Tape telling the referee Designator “Let’s win it together” or telling him “we are 4w-4t-4l with this referee let’s make it 5-4-4″ or he referee designator wanting to meet Moratti for sending him a dart board after a weekend match” the only thing that saved Inter was the statute of Limitations otherwise Prescrizione saved Inter – but at the same time it has also been Inter’s curse because since Prescrizione in July 2011 Inter has won ZERO finals !!!!


    What was that about winning 0 finals again? Alexis Sanchez sends his regards.

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