Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi defended himself after the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation following his presence at a Primavera clash between Napoli and Juventus.

The disgraced 85-year-old was banned for life from ‘any rank or category’ of professional football following his central involvement in the infamous Calciopoli case. Moggi did not want to accept this punishment and appealed to both sporting and civil courts in an attempt to clear the ban, but his efforts were ultimately in vain and the ban was upheld.

Speaking via, Moggi first explained why he attended the Primavera match between Napoli and Juventus.

“I live in Naples and I read that there was this match between Napoli and Juventus. I went to Cercola together with two friends, who are witnesses and whom I’ll quote, and since I’m not familiar with the pitch I asked the attendant who made me go to the sidelines.

“There I met Pessotto, whom I greeted warmly because he was one of my players. Chinè can’t say that I can’t talk to someone, because that’s stalking.”

The 85-year-old former Juventus director then expressed his frustration with the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office and their decision to open an investigation.

“They can’t forbid me to talk as well. It’s not clear why Chiné first sent a person from the prosecutor’s office to Turin to talk to Pessotto and didn’t instead go to Naples to hear the caretaker of that camp, he probably would have given him the explanation I gave.

“If I were Gravina I would even make him pay the expenses for sending a person to Turin, so he would learn to behave. Because lividity, in football but also in life, sometimes gets confusing. They don’t even know what being banned means. It means not being on the federation’s roster.”

Finally, Moggi discussed how he feels regarding the situation, highlighting how the ban has punished him enough.

“These are things that leave time to be found, they don’t take me by surprise, and they don’t bother me.

“With me they have found someone who can defend himself. More than banning me, what can they do, shoot me? I’m banned, I don’t know what developments there could be.”s

Back In December, Moggi spoke at Juventus’ shareholders’ meeting, being a minority stakeholder in the club.

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