Mkhitaryan: ‘Why can’t referee wait to blow the whistle?’

by | Oct 17, 2021 22:37

Henrikh Mkhitaryan insists Roma ‘were the better team today’ after the 1-0 defeat to Juventus. ‘Why can’t the referee wait until the move is finished and then blow the whistle?’

This was the fourth consecutive Serie A victory for the Old Lady, decided by Moise Kean redirecting a Rodrigo Bentancur header from point-blank range.

Serie A | Juventus 1-0 Roma: Kean, chaos and spot-kick decisive

Wojciech Szczesny parried Jordan Veretout’s penalty, ending the Roma midfielder’s 100 per cent record from the spot.

There was controversy around that incident, as Daniele Orsato whistled before Tammy Abraham put the ball in the net, but arguably Mkhitaryan’s handball would’ve brought play back to that Szczesny foul anyway.

“Why could they not wait until the move had finished and then blow the whistle?” Mkhitaryan told DAZN.

“With offside, they always wait even five or eight seconds, so why not the same with a penalty? Everyone saw what happened, so I can’t say more than that.

“Naturally, we are frustrated. We were the better team today, we created many scoring opportunities, we could’ve done more to finish them, but we are improving and know we can win if we keep playing like that.”

The Giallorossi momentum seemed to dissipate after a one-two blow of incidents, the Kean goal and losing Nicolò Zaniolo to a knee injury.

“We all know he’s a very important player for us. He was worried, we saw him a bit shaken, we’ll see over the next few days, but hope it’s nothing serious. He really helps the team with his presence,” concluded the Armenia international.


  1. LDN

    Because Mkhi, you don’t seem to remember where your hands are do you? You volleyball passed it to Abraham for the open goal shot, so the penalty would’ve been awarded anyway. Yes the referee made the mistake, but then VAR would’ve seen that. And then you will complain about the foul on Abraham, and then so on and so on.. You had 93 minutes to score and you didn’t. Shut up and move on.

  2. Ryan

    Because he wanted to give you a penalty to ensure you can equalize. How could he know that you will score or not later? He was trying to help you, dude. Orsato will do everything to make sure Juve lose. Don’t you understand? he just messed up today.

  3. Cypher

    Because you handled the ball.
    Because the ref wanted Juve to lose.
    Because you are shit.

  4. Lupo

    Szczesny fouled mkhi and the ball accidentally touched his hand and the goal should have stood. Cypher please your language 🙏

  5. Ros

    bad looser. You should be thankful for giving the penalty. If there was no foul, then you passed the ball with your hand. In this case it would be a goal kick.

  6. favalli

    This is the height of irony… he deliberately handled so if the advantage was played, it would have been a yellow for Mkhitaryan and a free kick for Juve. Roma got the penalty, which was the right decision. Just like it was right not to award the penalty when Pellegrini clearly fouled Chiellini.

    Roma may consider themselves unlucky not to get anything from the match, but the ref wasn’t the reason.

  7. Adam

    This is what Mourinho does, he makes this everyone v us mentally.

    Fact is Roma are not very good and will be around 6/7th at best so no one really cares for Mourinho and his talk of this and that. The players will fall into this blame game trap and won’t perform because they think they are entitled

  8. JuveIndia

    @lupo by accidently touched the ball you mean passed the ball to Abra using hand so he can score, which you claim is legal play? thankfully you are not the handbook maker

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