Mixed reports on Tottenham troubling Juventus for Depay

There are mixed reports emerging about Memphis Depay, who seems set to leave Barcelona, but could keep Juventus waiting amid Tottenham interest.

Negotiations have been going on for several days and it is likely he will terminate the deal with Barcelona by mutual consent rather than complete a transfer, even for a minimum fee.

He is looking for a two-year contract and Juventus have proposed circa €5m net per season, aided by the tax breaks from the Growth Decree for talent coming into Italy.

Sky Sport Italia assure that is all on track, but La Gazzetta dello Sport suggest Tottenham are getting involved and that has prompted Depay to slow everything down.

The Netherlands international had already been linked with Spurs in January and would relish the opportunity to work with Antonio Conte.

Like Juve, Tottenham have qualified for the Champions League, so would be a suitable destination for the 28-year-old striker.

6 Comments on “Mixed reports on Tottenham troubling Juventus for Depay”

  1. It just goes to shows that even an average established striker can’t see the draw of being coached by Allegri like they do other top coaches like Pep, Conte, Ancelotte, Klopp ext.
    I think Juve have dropped quite a few notches in players estimation of the club by having him as a coach
    Also I dont think Allegri is doing mutch in improving the clubs image around the world with his outdated tactics

  2. @Dm I second that. Not everyone is able to see that though. Unless the Juventus brand itself is an incentive, it doesn’t surprise me that even seemingly average players are hesitant to come to us.

  3. he thinks he is better than he is. would be a good back up and attacker but do not pay more than 5m and I would def prefer other options but will take him if he falls in the lap.
    a free transfer is worth 5m per

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