Minister for Sport: ‘Juventus tip of the iceberg, other clubs involved’

Minister for Sport Andrea Abodi warns that the Juventus investigation represents ‘just the tip of the iceberg and are probably not the only club involved’ in some creative accounting in football.

The Bianconeri have seen 12 people recommended for trial and the sporting investigation re-opened into financial irregularities over the last three seasons.

Those include not only inflated transfer fees and capital gains, particularly with exchange deals, but also salaries reportedly paid under the table to remove them from the official balance sheets.

“The Juventus situation is just the tip of the iceberg of a phenomenon that we cannot ignore,” Minister for Sport Abodi told news agency ANSA.

“Juventus probably aren’t the only ones, it is time for us to sort this out and go to have a closer look, because there are clubs who are behaving correctly and others who, evidently, interpreted the rules in a rather different way.

“That represents a problem when it comes to ensuring equal competition.”

The previous investigation into inflated transfer fees for capital gains was dismissed with everyone cleared only a few weeks ago, because it was deemed impossible to prove how much a player is worth other than the fee two clubs agree to pay.

“Sporting autonomy must be guaranteed, but the business dealings must also be monitored, analysed, evaluated and if needs be sanctioned.

“I hope that the degenerative issues are regulated within the sporting system.”

Because Juventus are floated on the stock exchange, they are more at risk of legal repercussions than most other clubs who could be involved.

There are already some sides who have been mentioned as part of the wiretapped conversations between Juventus directors, specifically Atalanta and Genoa, who completed several transfers with the Turin giants.

11 Comments on “Minister for Sport: ‘Juventus tip of the iceberg, other clubs involved’”

  1. @Gino: garbage comment and man.
    You are insulting a whole country for a bunch of corrupted board members. At least in Italy they find them out

  2. But the 1/6 x 7/9 + PhD Everest – Roberto Carlos = 3000 light years from CL success have always been the revolutionary leaders of math made up.

  3. I wonder if by other clubs he means other Serie A clubs or other clubs in Europe. Because I’m sure Barcelona, Man City and PSG have breached some financial rules as well.

  4. Considering Milan was already under the microscope of FFP, I doubt Milan would be part of the clubs involved. Having said that, the only ‘creative’ and recent transfer involving Milan is probably the Ante Rebic move.

  5. I remember Rebic and Silva were valued at something like 12m each, so hardly inflated. I’m pretty sure Milan are completely in the clear, at least since Maldini has been in charge.

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