Milan’s Daniel Maldini is third-generation title-winner with Rossoneri

by | May 23, 2022 11:08

Daniel Maldini became the third member of his incredible footballing family to win a Serie A title with Milan.

The 20-year-old made eight appearances in Serie A as the Rossoneri claimed a 19th league title with a 3-0 victory over Sassuolo on the final day of the campaign.

Despite not being a regular first-team player, Daniel made a telling contribution to the Scudetto win with the opening goal in a 2-1 win over away at Spezia.

He followed his father Paolo and grandfather Cesare in both scoring for the club and winning the Scudetto.

However, Daniel still has a long way to go to match the overall achievements of his ancestors with the Rossoneri.

Cesare was a Serie A champion on four occasions with Milan from 1954-55 to 1961-62 and lifted the 1963 European Cup as captain. He also won a Coppa Italia and Cup Winners’ Cup.

Paolo, who spent his entire 25-year career with the Rossoneri, was a Serie A champion on seven occasions and won the European Cup/Champions League five times – twice as captain. He also claimed a Coppa Italia, the UEFA Super Cup five times, the Intercontinental Cup twice, the FIFA Club World Cup and Supercoppa five times.

Of Milan’s 19 Serie A titles, 12 have been with a Maldini in their squad.


  1. cruzio

    Super achievement for the Maldini family.

  2. Adel

    This is indeed a legacy enshrined into the club

  3. vogel

    I hope he can find the next level to his game to stick around for his career – he’s just missing that X-factor right now.

  4. dollarumma

    Doesn’t mean anything. If it wasn’t for his surname he would’ve been long gone. I am all for tradition and sticking to the romance factor of calcio but Daniele unfortunately doesn’t seem to be good enough to play for Milan. And really i’m not even comparing him to his ascendants because that is unfair to him as its a very difficult name to live up to. But yeah even we don’t have to look far. Look at Kalulu, same age basically yet he rose to becoming a regular when it was needed. Daniele on the other hand wasn’t good enough to edge out the others. I do wish him good luck though and wish his level rises significantly so that he can continue with Milan.

  5. Kristiano

    How many clubs can brag about two generations winning? Let alone three. This is why ACM is above any other club in Italia


    @Kristiano: nepotism at its best?

  7. Rosario


    Are you even a Milan fan? Who haven’t you denigrated? Gigio, Kessie, Maldini…! Maldini scored in the spezia game – a 2-1 win. Two points gained….2 points won the scudetto.

    It isn’t like the kid has been giving a place in the starting lineup week in week out.

    Gigio done more for Milan when we were atrocious than most. Kessie was immense last season, and also brilliant during the run in. But you people keep attacking players like they owe you something. All the while you contribute ZERO to Milan. sit back down.

  8. Maldini03

    Well said Rosario!

  9. Milan Fan

    Daniel has the talent. He just needs two things : physical maturity and confidence. He can make it.

    Not all players develop and mature so early in their career like Tonali and Kalulu. He’s worth keeping in the squad.

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