With PSG trying to poach Renato Sanches from LOSC, and the lack of Paolo Maldini’s contract signature, the concerns are growing amongst Milan fans at the strategy going forward.

They are the reigning champions of Italy and will therefore be top seeds in the Champions League group phase draw.

The takeover from RedBird also fuelled hopes the club would pump money into the transfer market to raise the level of the squad.

However, that takeover won’t be completed until September, at which point the transfer window will have shut, and for the moment Elliott Management will continue to set the budget.

That is proving to be a problem, as Milan are offering approximately half the asking price for LOSC players Renato Sanches and Sven Botman, allowing PSG and Newcastle United respectively to intercept.

This is confirmed by Milan transfer expert Daniele Longo, who warns Milan directors are not being given the go-ahead to close deals they have been working on for six months.

That is also what is behind the delay in Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara signing their new contracts, because they are only tied to the club until June 30.

Inevitably, one looks back to the interview Maldini gave to La Gazzetta dello Sport last month, warning he was not prepared to continue if the strategy was to simply float along.

“What we need now is the club wanting to open up a new era. With a strategic vision, Milan could next season compete with the biggest clubs.

“However, if we were to choose a vision of maintaining our current level, without investment, without an idea worthy of Milan, we would remain in limbo among the top six or seven sides in Italy, hoping to maybe win the Scudetto again and qualify for the Champions League.

“This is the moment that the owners, Elliott or whoever could arrive, need to realise this three-year project is complete and figure out what strategy they want for the future.

“With two or three important signings, and the consolidation of the players we have, we can compete for something bigger in the Champions League.”

13 thought on “Milan worries grow as Maldini warnings feel prescient”
  1. Yonghong Li, Elliott , now no bird. Selling to the oil barons triggered a lot of people. At least you know with them that they put their money where there mouth is. He should leave if they have no further ambitions. If Sanchez goes to P$G, then so be it. I think he is overrated, but like Juve nothing is happening. Title is going back to Inter unless Inzaghi messes it up again.

  2. Despite all the xenophobic hand-wringing from many, Milan would have been much better off with the Middle East owners. The US owners simply do not care about the club enough. Their priority will be the cut costs and balance the books, and sell out in a few years time..

  3. I agree with you. They have to gave Maldine the authority and to spend 150-200 million if they want to competitive in europe

  4. I new this would happen the American owners are not very good at backing pi would have gone with investcorp they would have done well

  5. ACE3160, the current lack of transfer activit is worrying, but Redbird doesn’t technically own the club yet, so they want spend money on it. Likewise, Elliott won’t spend money on a club they’re about to sell for a certain amount, since that money is not factored into the sale price and it wouldn’t make sense for them. It’s like buying a house. It’s in escrow, and as the seller you’re not going to redo the kitchen at that moment. Likewise, as the buyer, you don’t own it yet, so you can redo the kitchen. There is only the agreement to purchase, a deposit and now you have to line up all the paperwork for the final close.

  6. This was the plan all along
    Delay sale
    Then the blame game where no one is to blame
    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king

  7. Milan already has Tomori-Kalulu, Maldini clearly trusted Kalulu as he previously said he did not need to bring new central defenser because Kalulu step up for that role. Milan will only nees a new central defender if Romagnoli does not sign the contract renewal which is still on the table. Even if he soes not sign it, Milan will only need to bring backup central defender, Botman is to expensive for that.

    Kessie leave but Pobega and Adli return. Even if Bakayoko leave, Milan won’t need new central midfielder. There is no need to bring injury-prone Sanches for above 20m.

    What Milan need is a new attacking midfielder who can lift the team such as de Ketelaere. However Milan need to keep in mind that the squad structure lack homegrown players, only 17 players over 21 years old who are not homegrown (spent at least 3 seasons in Italy between age 15-21) can be registered for Serie A/Champions league squad.

  8. We are going round in circles, while other clubs are serious at business. At dis pace, we’ll only end up with scraps. And dat, for Milan, is nothing new. I don’t understand how we keep having such investors. It’s such a shame for a club of this pedigree

  9. If Maldini leaves, Juve should make the call. I know he will never go there, but look at Marotta and Dybala. Unfortunately our visionary leaders are on a level even worse then Milan. I will give them the benefit of the doubt as Elliott still owns the club.

  10. Tomori was considered second choice or scraps and look at the player he turned out to be.

    Kalulu didn’t even have a senior appearance to his name and look at the player he turned out to be.

    Theo was a bench warmer at Madrid and look at the player he turned out to be.

    Tonali was 2nd rate in his first season at Milan and look at the plyer he turned out to be.

    I think everyone need to let the people in the know do their work. If we miss out on any of the players we are linked to we will get someone else just as, if not more capable. I’m sure Maldini and Co haven’t got all of their eggs in 1 basket.

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