Milan vs. Spezia referee reduced to tears, Ibrahimovic consoled him


According to multiple reports in Italy, Milan vs. Spezia referee Marco Serra was reduced to tears after the game and Zlatan Ibrahimovic consoled him in the dressing room.

Serra apologised to Milan players after cancelling out a potential Junior Messias winner in minute 92.

The referee rushed to give a free-kick to the Rossoneri without playing advantage, so Messias’ goal didn’t stand. Spezia shocked Milan a few minutes later with a later winner.

Refereeing chaos in Milan’s defeat to Spezia: what happened

The Diavoli coach Stefano Pioli said both his players and the referee have to be blamed for the Rossoneri’s loss.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Il Corriere dello Sport and Il Corriere della Sera, Serra was reduced to tears after the match and Milan star Ibrahimovic consoled him in the dressing room, telling him that ‘mistakes happen.’

Three or four more Milan players joined the Swede to talk to the match official after the match.

According to reports in Italy, Serra will be suspended by the AIA, possibly for more than two games.

24 Comments on “Milan vs. Spezia referee reduced to tears, Ibrahimovic consoled him”

  1. The only things I can say as a Milanista is at least he admits he made a mistake, I would be even more annoyed if he had said that nothing was wrong.

  2. In my opinion it takes courage to admit a mistake and even more to face the people your mistake affected. I think this article shows what kind of men Milan have and what kind of man the ref is. Unlike Juventus who were so arrogant in the super cup loss Milan and the ref showed what sports are all about and what being human is all about.

  3. Like when in the WC the ref sent off Totti for getting hacked in the box! And continued to say it was the correct decision!

  4. I agree Gee but the fact is that cost Milan 3 points and nothing will be done about that. The ref getting suspended for a match is of no use to us. He messed up big time.

  5. I agree with both you guys, yesterday I was furious with him as a referee, today have to respect the man, he made a mistake and admitted it as well as apologize for it. Team has to take some if not most the responsibility as they should have put the match away long before this incident.

  6. Italians always love to blame referees for their teams failures. Ref mistakes are part of the game. Just get on with it.

  7. @Sal
    that was Anders Frisk, and he got a ‘welocome to Italy’ gift at half time between Roma and Dinamo Kyiv in the Champions

  8. @K a Definitely. I think I said that on another article. Our form has been poor and last night showed that when we couldn’t finish them off. It still sickening when the game ends that way though. It’s like Sulley Muntari’s ghost goal all over again.

  9. @Cavour that’s because Roma are NEVER in the race for ANY title. All Roma do is embaress themselves 9 out of 10 times
    these day’s.

    This might of cost Milan. Milan should of had 2-3 goals and Gysai should of been sent off, but it thing’s like this don’t help anyone or Serie A.

  10. At the end of the league Milan will be the one who will win the league. In their hearts of course for all the hard work they’ve put and the mistakes made by others. That includes a CL final as well because even outside the league they were also mistreated. Ok let’s get back to reality: I don’t remember the last time the ref was punished for making clear errors when Inter were involved. I know last season the ref that was involved in the Roma-Milan and Juve – Crotone were punished but it seems refs mistakes against other teams don’t get punished. If he indeed gets punished for that single incident it’ll say a lot about the League authorities since it’s within his right whether to allow or disallow advantage play.

  11. This ref helped Milan by giving them a penalty for a Leao high boot with studs showing… of course he’s upset making a mistake that cost Milan a possible win… yes he admitted to a mistake, it was a big one, but crying about it shows it’s emotional for him, not factual, should not be a referee if he cannot process mistakes properly…

  12. Milan are fortunate that the ref is crying over a call that didn’t go their way (let’s not be mistaken, he did call a freekick for them). Most teams still get bad calls that decide the game without the ref crying. Milan should man up… This loss wasn’t the referee’s fault.

  13. Terrible error and glad he is owning it. That said, Pioli is wrong. Serra can be partially blamed for Milan not winning. But Milan losing is on their coach and players. They didn’t do enough all game. The substitutions were poor. And they abandoned their defensive posture leaving themselves open to the winning counter attack. Terrible incident by Serra but he’s not *why* they lost.

  14. Honorable gesture from both the referee and the Milan players! I know what it feels like to have a bad refereeing decision go against you (Liverpudlian) and the referees don’t even apologize. Applause 👏👏👏👏

  15. i really dont see how the referee is at fault. the minute. he blew for a foul. the spezia players would for that second stopped playing.

  16. Saying that Milan should have put the game away earlier is absolutely correct but this is true to all games that are decided close or controversial, not just this one.
    However, if the referee allowed the goal, most would agree that Milan has done enough for a win right?
    Instead he made the game-changing mistake at a critical point so he bears the brunt of responsibility.
    Even without Spezia‘s winner he robbed Milan of points.

    “I hope Inter wins title but also I hope this moment won’t be decisive for title.”

    Thank you for your candor and sportsmanship.
    Good luck to Inter, they are impressive.

  17. Well, nothing more anyone can do at this point. We were just unlucky this happened to us. At least this ref had the courage to admit his mistake and feel bad about it. I wish him all the best in the future. Time to forget this and look forward. We should do better in the next couple of matches.

  18. Also, it is not within the referee’s right to allow or disallow an advantage. Some people don’t know what they’re talking about. A referee must always allow an advantage if possible, and only award a free kick if nothing favorable comes from that advantage. Disallowing an advantage like that is a clear referring mistake.

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