Theo Hernandez, Denzel Dumfries and Davide Calabria were sent off in the final minutes of MilanInter. But why did the Rossoneri and Nerazzurri defenders see red?

Inter won the Serie A title for the 20th time on Monday after securing a 2-1 win over city rivals in the derby della Madonnina.

There was tension in the final minutes with Theo and Dumfries receiving straight red cards at minute 93.

The Milan and Inter defenders clashed after a challenge and none of their teammates managed to drag them apart for over a minute. More players joined the dispute, but Theo and Dumfries were the only players receiving red cards.

Just two minutes later, there was another clash involving Milan captain Calabria, who pushed Inter keeper Yann Sommer before a corner kick for the Rossoneri, then lashed out an arm at Davide Frattesi.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan arrived to defend his teammate, and referee Andrea Colombo gave another straight red to a Milan player.

Calabria and Theo will miss the next away game at Juventus, while Dumfries won’t be available for Inter against Torino.


3 thought on “Milan vs. Inter: Why Theo Hernandez, Dumfries and Calabria were sent off”
  1. He didn’t push Sommer, he punched Frattesi in the face. Thanks for telling us what “happened “.

  2. Incorrect. It started with Leao, Theo, and Calabria pushing / slapping Frattesi on two occasions. Dumfries and Sommer defended their teammate first. Leao should have seen red for putting his hands on Dumfries’s neck too.

  3. Calabria is one of the most disgusting players in history. I am not an Inter fan, but I never like that man. Always wonder why there are people who want him in the NT. Heck, I don’t even know how he became Milan‘s captain!

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