Milan takeover: Investcorp’s ultimatum annoys Elliott

by | May 14, 2022 11:06

According to Tuttosport, Milan owners Elliott are unhappy with Investcorp’s ultimatum and the two parties seem nowhere near an agreement over the Rossoneri takeover.

The exclusive negotiations period expired at the end of April and Elliott chiefs aren’t entirely convinced about the offer received from the Bahrain-based fund. Although Investcorp values the Rossoneri at nearly €1.2 billion, their offer involves €400m of loans in addition to €800m of equity.

Investcorp give Elliott ultimatum over Milan deal?

A previous report from Gazzetta dello Sport suggested that Investcorp are pushing Elliott to take a decision soon, but according to Tuttosport, the situation has made the Rossoneri owners unhappy. Elliott representatives are also not impressed by the constant updates provided by Investcorp sources to the media.

The Turin-based paper confirms that talks between the two parties have been put on hold. Liverpool’s minority shareholders RedBird Capital Partners are also in the race to buy Milan and have made an offer in the region of €1 billion.

Lengthy negotiations with any of the two parties may affect Milan’s summer transfers. Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara (who see their contracts expire in June) will need a clear investment plan and a defined budget to strengthen the team in June, which they can’t have if talks over the club’s takeover are ongoing.



  1. Bunga2

    Bicker after we secured the title please! Not the best time, y’all.

  2. Vinnie

    No e of this should have left the boardrooms. If either party had the Milan‘s best interests at heart, it wouldn’t have.

  3. DB Milan

    It is unfortunate its come out when it did but, for a vulture fund, I’m impressed with Elliot’s handling of it. There seems to be a genuine interest in the clubs future and they won’t be bullied.

  4. Homer

    Why can’t I post?

  5. Homer

    But not the comments about the club or owners?

  6. 1MIKEJ

    None of this left the boardroom, it is all newspapers making crap up to try and destabilise AC Milan. None of these “experts” had a clue about the sale until the French paper found out by accident, they couldn’t find their butt cheeks if their hands were tied behind their backs

  7. Damion

    I think Elliot tried to create a bidding war
    Elliot did good up to this point but adopts a similar model to arsenal ( no disrespect)
    This is ac Milan which has always been a global brand with a different philosophy ( our identity)
    I can understand wanting to get a deal done now as it will help with the new projections on this summer mercato
    Whether if Milan wins this serie a or not their value is practically stable
    This is a monumental club and needs a serious investor who wants to take this club during this modern era to the pinnacle of sporting and financial success.
    2 more games left let’s win this 😎😎😎

  8. Clicky

    Yeah, tuttocrap really knows about the inner workings of this deal. They know as much about Juve as a goldfish and less than nothing about any other city’s business. Clickfarm strikes again.


  9. J

    Elliott saw the insane valuation of Chelsea and realize they have something special here both on the field and financially speaking. Personally I would prefer they stay longer or sell to Americans or Europeans. Asian and Middle East buyers will tear the team and management apart and spend a ton of $ to try and win immediately. We will then be left rebuilding for years after that.

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