Milan seriously considering move for Acerbi

Milan are seriously thinking about making a move for Lazio veteran Francesco Acerbi and they’ve already started talks with his agent.

The 34-year-old Italian centre back handed in a transfer request at the end of the season just gone after a tough campaign; Acerbi fell out with the fans after a misguided celebration in December, something which overshadowed the rest of his season. A large section of the fanbase still hasn’t forgiven the defender and now a departure this summer seems likely.

As reported by Sky Sports Italia, Milan are seriously considering making a move for Acerbi this summer to provide coach Stefano Pioli with an experienced rotation option. The 34-year-old is also useful for the squad registration due to the fact that he’s Italian.

The Rossoneri are not thinking of Acerbi as the alternative to Newcastle United bound Sven Botman, but instead as a backup option. They have already started talks with his agent Federico Pastorello but no contact has occurred with Lazio just yet.

13 Comments on “Milan seriously considering move for Acerbi”

  1. Acerbi – he’s too old for you milan – try to go matip – as liverpool now need to play konate as hes 22yrs old – he has to play now and then they have 2 young cb who also need to play to develop – joe gomez and curtis jones

  2. CALMAAA!!!

    PhD Max and Juventus will intercept this Acerbi thing. After all he is only 34 years young and just how the 7/9 CL losers like it.

  3. @Lord, Sure Milan mainly focus on 40-year-olds like Ibra and Giroud. They have a tradition in it. They kept Inzaghi, Seedorf, Gattuso, Stam, Nesta, Costacurta and the likes when they were already in wheelchairs lol.

  4. @ gindez

    Terracciano and the smiling while losing Consigli too. Damn too many keepers should be banned for fixing that Scudetto

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