Milan owner Gerry Cardinale has been in Italy this week conducting numerous meetings with representatives from the club and various regions of the city as plans for a new stadium ramp up. 



On Friday afternoon, the governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana told TV Play that his recent meeting with the RedBird Capital founder was positive and productive. 

The governor told the press: “I must say that the meeting with Cardinale was positive. The idea is nice, we’ll see how it comes together at design level. I think we need to talk to each other and go into more detail. I can say that a large part of this large park will remain a large park.”

According to reports in La Repubblica, Milan have plans to build a three-tier 70,000 seater stadium in the area of La Maura, a relative stone’s throw away from San Siro on the outskirts of the city. 

With close to 75,000 fans in attendance at Milan’s busiest games at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza over this season, there is still a need to accommodate for the tens of thousands of fans who will want to watch Milan in their biggest games. 

Moreover, it is important to have enough seats in the new stadium so that ticket prices will not have to increase too much compared to those at their old ground. 

Plans for the new stadium also include an extensive corporate hospitality section, which is seen as a necessity to drive the increase of revenue upon the impending move away from San Siro. 

The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala had previously given Milan a period of two weeks to come back with formal proposals for a planned new stadium in the city

With that deadline fast approaching, Cardinale and the Milan board will be working hard to ensure official plans are submitted accordingly.

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