Milan play long game with Chelsea and Ziyech

Milan are in absolutely no rush to get Hakim Ziyech from Chelsea and are only prepared to bring him in if it’s a loan with an option to buy rather than an obligation.

There have been reports over the last few days in England that Ziyech is growing frustrated at the lack of progress in negotiations.

That is because he is no longer a priority for the Rossoneri, who have already spent big on Charles De Ketelaere from Club Brugge and he can cover several different attacking roles., Sky Sport Italia and others maintain Ziyech is seen only as a potential opportunity towards the end of the transfer market at the right conditions.

Chelsea want to let Ziyech leave on loan with an obligation to buy at the end of the season, whereas Milan are only prepared to accept an option to make the move permanent.

Because the role is already covered, they hope that Chelsea and Ziyech will lower their demands later on in the transfer window and meet Milan’s criteria.

9 Comments on “Milan play long game with Chelsea and Ziyech”

  1. Absolutely the right way to deal with the situation. I know we’re weak on RW position and everyone (me included) has been saying that we need to upgrade that. However, with the acquisition of CdK and the seemingly improving Messias, I think we hopefully should be okay. Without Messias or Alexis leaving, having Ziyech would be a little luxury (although a welcomed one).

  2. Been ages this transfer and now wanna take longer, thought clubs should be focussing on getting thr desired players early so they can train with new team mates faster and adapt

  3. This guy brings more than creativity on the pitch, and I don’t see any current Milan players up to his level, except Leao…Lead has been the only source of Milan’s attack, and it’s now becoming predictable

  4. What’s this “try before you buy” nonsense. First a club like Milan should not be l.o.a.n.i.n.g any players in because it leads to far too much player turnover and uncertainty. Either a player is a next level player and we sign them outright or we don’t bother. If we’re unsure then we shouldn’t bother.

  5. @ Milan Fan If we don’t have the money then we don’t buy. It’s that simple. We don’t need another player and these short term fixes just cause instability.

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