Milan midfielder Kessie injured playing for Ivory Coast

by | Jan 26, 2022 16:34

Milan midfielder Franck Kessie was distraught as he was forced to abandon today’s Africa Cup of Nations match between the Ivory Coast and Egypt with an injury.

Kessie tried to play on after an early knock in the Round of 16 fixture, but after going down for a third time in need of treatment, he realised it was simply not possible to continue.

The former Atalanta player seemed to get a nasty knock to the ribs and left hip and was struggling to get his breath back.

He seemed distraught when admitting to the medical staff that he had to come off just 29 minutes into this huge match.

As he made his way off and spoke to teammates on the bench, he motioned that it hurt every time he twisted, suggesting there was bruising to the ribs and hip on his left side.

Kessie is in the news after reports last night from Sportitalia and Radio Catalunya that he has already agreed terms to join Barcelona as a free agent when his Milan contract expires on June 30.


  1. FORZA Juve

    Its good, for barca player

  2. Acemilan

    That’s perfect, he should be recovered just in time to leave for Barca.

    ( unhappy face emoji )

  3. Dollarumma

    Bunch of morons above cheering an injury. He deserves to be frozen out of the squad while being fully fit as a lesson but not this.

  4. Echeta Milan

    If it be possible I would suggest he even goes now on free, we lost our number 1 & 10 same month and we are still 2nd in the league so losing him now that he is not even our best “4” is not worrying

  5. Rosario

    Porca miseria!! I only wanted Ivory coast to lose to he would return to Milan ASAP, but he goes off injured. Torna presto, Frank!!!

    All the part time fanatics criticising Milan players….go and support your local team. Frank is STILL a Milan player. Without him, we wouldn’t have finished 2nd last season. Take your plastic ‘supporting’ somewhere else.

  6. Acemilan

    Rosario don’t be like that. Anyone who is a true fan would feel a dagger through the heart over Frank’s departure. My hope was he could help us stay in the top 4 when he returns, now that’s looking distant .

    One other thought, Kessie is not a “4”, sorry .

  7. Rosario


    NOT single person in the stadium has turned on Frank. People make life choices…beyond our control.

    But the reality is that he’s with Milan until June, unless something very unexpected happens. This is someone who has given a lot to Milan. Of course there’s disappointment. But not backing OUR players when injured? Shameful.

  8. Acemilan

    Fair enough, but you have to also feel a bit put out as his absence and likely now prolonged will have ramifications in the league standing.

  9. Rosario


    That’s what I’m saying. You’d want your players to be healthy and play. what kind of supporter makes meaningless comments about a player who we need? It’s still a while to the next game. Hopefully he recovers because we need him.

  10. vogel

    Samson’s (aka Frank Kessie) power came from his hair. When he lost his hair, he lost his strength. And now will forever get injured playing football.

    unless he regrows his hair.

  11. Acemilan

    Ah ok , sorry I was being sarcastic. I am not happy he is hurt. pissed actually.

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