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More reports are now emerging that Renato Sanches will join PSG because Milan owners are refusing to match the €30m LOSC asking price, and Sven Botman to Newcastle United is a similar problem, which could spark Paolo Maldini’s exit.

Up until this morning, all sources pointed towards Renato Sanches joining the Rossoneri, having agreed personal terms several months ago.

However, they were never able to agree a fee with Lille and until now they had very little competition for the Portugal international, who had his heart set on San Siro.

Things changed today with le10sport and then RMC Sport reporting Paris Saint-Germain had stepped in with the €30m asking price, double the €15m that Milan are offering.

They also spoke to the player’s entourage and seem to have convinced him rapidly too.

Now and Milan transfer expert Daniele Longo warns the Rossoneri have no intention of matching the €30m offer, so Sanches is heading towards PSG.

That version of events is also confirmed by Diario AS pundit Manu Sainz.

Milan worries grow as Maldini warnings feel prescient

They face a similar problem with LOSC defender Botman, who again agreed personal terms with Milan, but Newcastle United are comfortably offering a much bigger transfer fee.

Ultimately, there is only so much that player power can do when there is such a big difference between bids.

The tension is growing behind the scenes at Milan, with Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara still not signing new contracts and their deals set to expire on June 30.

The club owners are in charge, which is still Elliott Management despite the imminent takeover from RedBird, and they will not raise the budget even after securing the Scudetto.

Losing Renato Sanches after six months of work could be the breaking point for Maldini and Milan.

38 thought on “Milan lose Renato Sanches to PSG, breaking point for Maldini”
  1. Some years ago there was a song called BRING IN THE CLOWNS ……. how very appropriate for Milan and its new owners!!!!!!

  2. Should have sold to Middle East owners who would atleast have provided a bigger budget and taken a long term view on the project. US fund investors care only about financial returns and cutting costs. Wouldn’t blame Maldini if he walks

  3. It’s simple, if we can’t afford foreign players maybe it’s time to just use our youth? Milan and maldini seem to want a young team so how about giving Pobega game time with Tonali, italian youth need to stop getting ignored, why this has to be “breaking Point” is a bit of a joke tbh, I do understand the frustration honestly but at the same time why are italy so incapable of developing our youth also..

  4. Shame on them. As the winner of the last Scudetto, Milan also have the responsibility to strengthen the squad and go for European Trophies. Not having money for players like Renato Sanchez and Botman is a total joke. They make fun of themselves and Serie A as well.

  5. 1. The takeover doesn’t even complete until September – could mean if there is actually more cash available, it would most likely be spent either in January or next summer,

    2. Sanches and Botman are not the two last players available on this planet. Every club will have a 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice signings in case of top targets not working out,

    3. Transfer market doesn’t even open until July,

    4. I’m sure Maldini won’t hold the club to ransom. He will be aware of the reality, and if somehow that doesn’t work for him, then someone else has to step in and deal with the reality. The club delivered the scudetto ahead of schedule.

  6. I am happy to read this news as I want Milan to sign more quality and experience midfield.. he’s not fit to Milan system I don’t no what Maldini see in him

  7. Red bird needs a good plucking
    If this is confirmed it’s was something I truly thought would of happened after the sale

  8. @Rosario…

    What say you about the fact that this could be a great opportunity for Milan to bring up and sign more Italian youth from their youth team?

    Perhaps you could see the value in not overspending.

    You seem to have ALL answers all the time, no?

  9. People seem to be illiterate. Article clearly says Elliott still own the club. And they will continue to be the owners until the ink is dry on the closing papers, which won’t happen until September. Until then it is unlikely they will spend big, because it’s money out of pocket. You wouldn’t start remodeling your kitchen after accepting an offer on your for sale house, would you? Until the deal closes nobody can know how much Redbird will spend on anything. So please, stop blaming the new owners who aren’t even in control yet.

  10. @Vittorio.

    I already stated in the first article regarding Sanches and PSG in addition to this one that we as a club cannot spend money we don’t have. Otherwise we will end up being suspended from Europe like 3 seasons ago.

    I completely agree in finding more sustainable alternatives.

  11. I don’t know what is happening about Milan summer transfer, since ending of Milan they already to signing sanches and Botman before any other team to contact them. Milan are still not ready to bounce back in European competition.

  12. @Rosario…

    Thank you for responding. Yes, you have made reasoned comments about Mikan’s need to spend intelligently.

    I’m thinking that this would be a great opportunity for Milan to bring up and sign Italian youth from the Milan youth sector.

    I am certainly not the first to make this observation.

    Pardon my agitation.

    Seria A leadership need to better invest and offer Italian youth opportunities to gain quality match experience.

    Again, I’m certainly not the first to make this observation.

    Congrats to Mikan on winning the Scudetto. A competitive Seria A can only help the Nazionale.

  13. 30m??? They said before that Lille had agreed to release him for 15m and now they claim Lille never agreed to 15m and actually want 30m??? The problem here are the mercato speculators feeding false information to readers.

    It doesn’t make sense ro replace Romagnoli and Kessie with Botman and Sanchez to begin with. Romagnoli and Kessie are homegrown players (they spent at least 3 season in Italy as U-21), Botman and Sanchez are not. Milan has homegrown players deficiency issue, if Milan replace Romagnoli and Kessie with Botman and Sanchez, how are they supposed to register the players to Serie A/Champons league squad which only have 17 spots available for non-homegrown over 21 years old players???

  14. Really not that bothered. Sanches was awful for Swansea and he was discarded by Bayern which should be a red flag. French league is 6th in the co-efficiency standings (I think) so no great shakes winning a title as PSG exist to play champs league.

  15. it would be interesting how things develop from now until the end of the month. Knowing Maldini and if this gossip is true, he will be pissed to lose a target followed for months. Still, I reserve my judgement about this until the end of the mercato

  16. @Milan Ric
    Actually Maignan came from that league (and discarded by PSG) so great players do exist in that league.

  17. Blessing in disguise perhaps? Agree with Vittorio. Last time Milan won CL there are 7 Italian starters. So time to go back to basic and actually be an Italian club.

  18. For those not aware how club sales work – part of negotiations include final transfer window spending – new owners would need to sign off on coming and goings, but also how much is available so the club doesn’t go backwards while waiting for deal to be finalised. Looking at whaat happening, the new owners don’t plan to spend anymore than what Elliot usually would. Wer a sustainable club not a powerhouse – we won scudetto this way. Inter will win again next year but that’s ok – Wer not built to win like they are, I’m happy with what we achieved this year!!

  19. @milanista – you beat us to the title lol how are you not building to win? Who doesn’t build with the goal of trying to win anyways? Lol

  20. @ inter – I mean the difference in squad quality. Don’t get me wrong we definitely are playing to win, but comparing teams, you should have won the league by 10 points over us. Which makes the victory even sweeter!! However with Bremer Dybala and lukaku coming in, I think itl be tough for you to lose again next year. Surely skriniar has to go!! Where is all this money coming from?

  21. @milanista you’re also right, we should’ve won by at least 10 points last season. We had way too many games we just straight fell asleep during, including the derby where old and slow Giroud made our defense look like 8 year olds lol. They’ll be a lot harder to screw up or go through that nasty dry spell we had in front of net with the addition of Lukaku and Dybala. We should win next year but Juve could be dangerous with Chiesa back.

  22. Two points:

    firstly: psg are right to make the best of the poor judgement of milan’s new owners – they are right to try to hijack milan’s transfer market which seems unable ever to take off; and

    secondly: how can a team with losses of some €220 million in one year be allowed bu UEFA to continue to operate as if nothing has happened – is this acceptable? are psg a team of gods?

  23. So what have the RedBird supporters have to say? I genuinely hope Malidini leaves. Not because I want him to (would love for him to stay) but these new owners I genuinely have no faith in them. As a Milanista I want Cardinale out, I’d take don Silvio back in a heartbeat over this American fraud. Maldini should walk away. Inter look now attractive right now and they’re poor

  24. No big deal. Tonali-Bennacer starters, and Bakayoko-Pobega for rotation. Krunic as backup. No big deal at all.

  25. Fake news. Agents and selling clubs manipulating the markets…wanting to close deals and hence push Milan to increase bids. Why on earth would PSG be interested in Sanches. Even if they do, let’s be contrarian and make rational decisions. Find the new bug thing and groom them.

  26. Milan fans can be happy that they achieved something against all odds. Next Scudetto in 11 years if they do not wish to improve their squad. Inter are on the march and sooner or later Juve will get it right. Only after PhD Max leaves. Funny how when Arabs want to purchase a club there is hysteria, but with Americans its fine. Inter should be lucky to have Suning. Given the pandemic, they are still making their squad competitive and actually tweaking it for the better. Milan twice had the chance to sell to oil barons in the past and good luck with Red Bird. The Glazers have destroyed Man Utd and Roma are still a joke.

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