Milan hold new talks for Chelsea exile Ziyech – report

Milan have reportedly re-ignited talks with Chelsea for transfer listed winger Hakim Ziyech.

The 29-year-old Moroccan winger is seemingly no longer part of Thomas Tuchel’s plans in West London and the club are working to find a new home for the player this summer. Contracted to Chelsea until 2025, Ziyech has only rarely shown signs of the magic he showed during his time with Ajax.

As reported by The Telegraph, Milan have held a new round of talks with Chelsea for Ziyech, exploring a possible loan deal. Significant progress is not expected until later in the transfer window, with both clubs focusing on other priorities for the time being.

Ziyech is seemingly interested in the move and would likely be a good fit for Stefano Pioli’s squad. Last season, he scored eight goals and provided six assists in 44 appearances across all competitions. 

Milan’s current options on the right wing include Alexis Saelemaekers and Junior Messias, neither of which are displaceable in the starting 11.

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  1. I like it Milan, nice effort on improving attacking options

    but please promise me that the midfield has enough strength in depth to handle Serie A and CL before you run out of money?

  2. It’s getting pretty crowded in attack now so presumably someone needs to be sold/moved out. Brahim would be the obvious first and, given we’ve just signed Messias outright, Saelemaekers would probably be the other victim. We can’t keep all of them or else we’ll limit each players’ playing time/development.

  3. @DB Milan.

    We are looking to potentially sign Baptiste Santamaria to add more strength in depth to the central midfield area.

  4. lol reading these comments, milan fans are deluded… saelemaekers and messias are serie b level wingers… milan urgently needs both right winger and a striker, inter and juve are miles ahead in attacking department

  5. I can’t believe people are posting that Juve have better attack, LOL!!!!!. Have you seen how prolific they’ve been in front of goal????? Without a strong midfield to provide service there is no attack.

  6. Why can’t salamander play midfield.. as in double pivot.. he is good in defending.. we don’t need a midfielder if he can be transformed.. and being in ziyech. And save cost. Imo.

  7. Aside from Inter, no other team in serie a has a defence like Milan. The team that wins the scudetto, 9 out of 10 times is the team that gives up the fewest amount of goals, not the highest scoring.

  8. Agree Ziyach as well as a midfielder are more important, you need to help leao, all milan attacks thru right side, easily interpreted by inter and juve

  9. @Rossonero Americano:
    I agree with Serie A Fan – He isn’t wrong about Alexis or Junior. I don’t understand why you’re clowning on him. Be objective.

    We didn’t win because of them. We won despite their limited contributions on the Right flank. It’s OK if you like them, but they aren’t top quality wingers. Their work rate is great, sure, but ultimately what does it contribute?? Milan was dangerous on the left with Leao and Theo. Rt flank was weak. We need an upgrade on the right for sure.

  10. @Rosario

    What are you, 12?! You can’t make an objective statement?? (comments like this make Milanisti look bad)

    You mean to tell me that if you had Zyech, you would play Junior/Alexis over him?! Come one man, GTFO with that garbage.

  11. A little unexpected because over time I got the feeling that only one between him and CDK will be signed. I’m still skeptical but he’d upgrade our squad to yet another level. He’s perfect for Pioli’s style and suited to Serie A in general.

    If it happens though, and that’s a big if, then I’m pretty sure Saelemaekers will be sacrificed. I’d like for him to stay around, but he’s an atypical midfielder who isn’t suited to start matches in our lineup. A balanced player and a runner but neither a really good defender nor offensively productive. Messias is obviously the better choice for our style of play and he’s basically a poor version of Ziyech himself.

  12. Ziyech would be an upgrade of the right side, for sure. The one thing no one mentions is the fact that Calabria will also need to step up. His performances last season were not, most of the time, on level with what we need if we are to continue our growth.
    The depth of our midfield must also be addressed.

  13. All this talk about which side has the best attack…. What about the team as a collective and drilled unit, what about team harmony, players morale and continuity?

    From what I have seen over the past 12 months and during pre-season, Milan are the best TEAM. And it’s not just the players. It’s the coach, the coaching staff and the DOF’s too.

  14. I agree we do need a better winger because our right side is always letting the team down we have a strong left side we need a good right side other teams exploit the right because our wingers are serie b or c at best disgraceful players who shouldn’t even be in this team.

    Midfield, winger and a striker. If we can do this we will be competitive.

  15. Can’t gamble to start the season with the wingers we have expecting better performances from last season. That’s unrealistic. Ziyech is a chance to get a top attacker which is as important as getting a CM or defender. Just because team have lot of attackers doesn’t fix it, need certain level of quantity.

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