Milan fans mock Juventus after 1-1 draw

by | Sep 19, 2021 21:58

Milan fans mocked Juventus at the end of their meeting at the Allianz Stadium: ‘You will go back to Serie B.’

The Rossoneri managed a 1-1 draw in Turin despite having several players out of action with injuries, including Olivier Giroud and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ante Rebic scored a late equaliser, responding to Alvaro Morata’s strike in the first half.

Juventus are without a win in their opening four Serie A games of the season and have only collected four points so far.

They were held to a 2-2 draw by Udinese in the opening game of the season, and suffered back-to-back defeats against Napoli and Empoli.

On the other hand, Milan have ten points in four games are the Serie A table leaders, but Napoli have a game in hand and face Udinese at the Dacia Arena on Monday.

As many as 511 Milan fans travelled to Turin and mocked their rivals after the final whistle.

They sang: “You will go back to Serie B” as the Bianconeri supporters were leaving the stadium, just as disappointed as Massimiliano Allegri, who stormed off the pitch after the final whistle.


epa09477269 Milan's Ante Rebic (C) celebrates with teammates after scoring the 1-1 equalizer during the Italian Serie A soccer match between Juventus FC and AC Milan in Turin, Italy, 19 September 2021. EPA-EFE/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO


  1. RossoJoburg

    Is 75th minute considered late equaliser.

  2. RossoNero83

    Beautiful to see my team and its fans mock ladri

  3. andy

    super league team in the relegation zone. Well done Juventus

  4. Maser

    That fine because we have been peeing ourself laughing at you lot for over ten years.

  5. Chris

    @Maser that fine because the big boys of European football have been peeing themselves laughing at your 7/9 CL losses a world record still to this day for over 25 years. Ajax, Lyon and Porto all peeing themselves laughing at you.

  6. Ryo

    4 points? More like 2. HAHAHAHA

  7. MoE

    Right on Chris, masters of Italian football with 2 European trophies to show for it. Laughable how poor they have been outside of Italy on their history.

  8. Azzkikr

    ucl laughing stock become serie A laughing stock . that’s what we called corporate expansion

  9. serie a lover

    milan fans talking about c.league when they have been irrelevant in europe for over a decade. lol . wont even get out the group in the c.league. only one team has been carrying the european flag for the last decade keeping the co-efficient for italy the way it is and thats juve. the league is marathon. it isnt who laughs first it is who laughs last in the end.

  10. Juventusfan

    Milan gets a 1 – 1 draw with Juve and they’re acting like they won the league. It’s 4 games into the season. Let’s see who on top come March/April. Forza Juve!

  11. Nedved

    Milan were in Serie B before too… twice in fact. And only two decades before Juventus, so fairly recently. Also, one of those times they were just straight up relegated, no match-fixing penalty or anything like that.
    Don’t think the world has forgotten about that little skeleton in the closet, Milan fans.

  12. truth

    Yo Nedved – Milan have won 7 champions league titles. End of story.

  13. Romanzo1897

    Juve tifoso here. I appreciate Milan’s history just as I appreciate Juve’s. Both clubs are among the few elite clubs in world football with a rich tradition and ever-lasting success, plenty of Italian and European records and achievements. Reading all your comments here is very, very embarrassing and painful. Please, don’t call yourself Juve/Milan fans. Just don’t. You’re just being pathetic. End of story.

  14. Usoro

    Juve are only strong when it comes to fighting family, otherwise when it comes to outsiders.

  15. Rosario


    You’ve been laughing at us for 10 years, whilst we’ve been laughing at you since 1996. There isn’t a team in European football who’ve lost more Champions league/European cup finals than Juventus. SEVEN to be precise.

    We have been down in the dumps but throughout my lifetime, whenever we have been competitive, we have always delivered when it counts. Not all of the financial advantages, the exuberant spending and all of the Portuguese drag queen cristina signings have got you anywhere near the pinnacle of club football.

    From a personal point of view, would I mock them? No. Ultimately though it is just banter. But after Bonucci’s theatrics vs Rebic and then being royally shut up, it is time they eat some humble pie.

  16. Bruno

    @Romanzo1897 Of course they are fans. There’s nothing to get so sensitive about. It’s just passion and banter. No one is coming to harm (“painful”?? Give me a break). If you get so riled and offended by what’s being said here, such minor things, well, that’s on you and the fragile way in which you perceive the world. All fans are different. Some like to poke one another in the ribs and tease each other. Others go to the games, sit on their hands and dine on the sandwiches and tangerines that their mother put neatly in a lunchbox for them and so on. The fact that both clubs have such rich histories and traditions and highs and lows provides the fans with ammunition to have their back and forths.

  17. FERBAN

    As bad as Juve are at the moment, Milan fans shouldn’t get too ahead of themselves. They drew with the worst Juve team in a long time.

    As for slagging Juve off in Europe, they can’t really talk either. Both clubs have failed miserably in recent years in Europe, Milan especially, and the state of both current squads shows just how far Serie A has fallen.

  18. FERBAN


    Milan haven’t “always” delivered when it counted when they were competitive.
    They often delivered when it counted.

  19. rosario


    Look at every single Milan winning cycle and you’ll see at least one champions league/european cup trophy to show for it. Top teams confirm domestic dominance by winning in Europe. Milan did it in the 80’s, 90’s and the 2000’s.

    I can’t speak of continental success in the 60’s as I wasn’t alive then.

  20. FERBAN


    Yes, they did it often, but not always. They won 2 from 3 in a row in the 90’s, same as Juve just after them. 2003 could have went either way.
    But they also had the worst collapse in CL history too, losing to one of the worst sides to ever win a CL title in 2005.
    As for confirming domestic dominance by winning in Europe, that was much easier back in the day than it has been for the last decade for Serie A clubs.
    It’s far harder for an Italian side to win in Europe than it was in the 80-00s.
    Juve were one of the top 5 sides in Europe 4 or 5 years ago, but they were up against 3 greats from Spain and one from Germany, as well as the cash from England. No Italian team has ever faced those odds before in the modern era.
    But they’re on their knees now, much like the rest of Serie A, and it could be a long time till we see one, let alone multiple, CL winners from this country.

  21. Romanzo1897

    @Bruno: Let’s just say I disagree with you here. It’s not the way I perceive the world, it’s how I perceive FI’s comment section (only). What you call passion and banter, I call annoying, pointless and childish negativity. Some friends of mine support Inter and Milan, and yes, there are heated discussions with the the occasional cheap shot here and there. But there’s always football talk involved, too. Actual discussions among friends and Serie A aficionados supporting bitter rivals. Have you ever seen ONE meaningful discussion here, on this board, over all these years? I have not.

  22. Rosario


    With all the excuse making and bulls***, you should work in politics.

  23. Ayodele Ralph Palmer

    @serie a lover You are right, Milan has been missing in action in Europe for 7 years. But in football its turn by turn if you get what i mean, no one stays at the top forever. Man UTD has been the undisputed king of the EPL for years and they hit the rough patch and haven’t won the league since 2013 ( 8 good years). Liverpool were in the same situation and after many years they came back won the league and the UCL. Milan were the king in both Italy and Europe, things get rough and they reach their highest low. But the ultimate is what you manage to achieve when you are on top and how you manage to get yourself back up when you are down. Milan won everything when they were on top but JUVE has been on top in Italy for a decade now but they can’t even manage to win a single UCL, even Inter won one when they were on top. I think you should be worried about that, they haven’t won in Europe for 25 years , despite ruling in Italy for over 10 years. Is it now that they are not even strong in Italy that they are going to win in Europe ?

  24. FERBAN


    Okay, good lad lol.

    Great comeback. God help you in a debate, you wouldn’t last 5 seconds!

  25. BOSS

    Milan – don’t get too arrogant. You’ve been a laughing stock for nearly 15 years

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