At least four Milan ultras have been identified and face charges after placing a threatening banner outside the home of Inter wing-back Federico Dimarco.



The incident occurred on the night of May 18, after Dimarco was caught on camera leading the crowd in insulting chants against the Rossoneri in their Champions League semi-final victory.

The banner read: ‘Dimarco focus on playing… or we’ll make you swallow that tongue of yours.’

As it was right outside his home, it was reported to police and considered to be a threatening message.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, four Milan fans have been identified, but the investigation continues to search for more who might’ve collaborated.

Dimarco had already apologised via social media for the insulting chants and it resulted in a sort of peace accord between the ultras groups of the two rival clubs.

Sources from within the Milan fandom insist those who placed the banner are not ultras leaders and were likely trying to make a name for themselves.

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