Milan fans have such short memories

Football fans have an awfully short memory and it pains me to see the rush of supposed Milan supporters asking for the dismissal of Stefano Pioli and even Paolo Maldini.

It was barely eight months ago that they were celebrating a Scudetto that – let’s all be perfectly honest here – was completely unexpected. That was tantamount to a miracle considering the budget and resources at their disposal, a club that was on the verge of bankruptcy only a couple of years earlier that hadn’t even qualified for the Champions League in seven seasons.

That does not mean it was undeserved, far from it, as the Rossoneri were comfortably the most consistent side last season and found their form at the right time with a string of victories to ensure Inter couldn’t get back into it. Ionut Radu’s error against Bologna was a big moment, but by no means the only reason Milan took that title. You’d be foolish to think it all boiled down to that.

Many elements slotted into place then, just as there are several reasons why their campaign has gone so spectacularly off the rails in 2023. It is too easy to blame Pioli when he is just continuing the tactics that won them the Scudetto. Did you expect a radical change so soon after the biggest success of his career? And who on earth would you even replace him with, knowing there is a limited budget?

It is too easy to blame Maldini for the new signings not delivering. The plan was for players like Charles De Ketelaere, Yacine Adli, Aster Vranckx and more to settle in gradually while the title-winners took on the slack, but they have not been given that luxury because of so many injuries and the increased pressure coming from poor results.

Olivier Giroud cannot be expected to carry the attack on his shoulders in every game over three tournaments at his age and after a full World Cup campaign for France. Divock Origi’s issues have lasted longer than anyone expected, although he showed what he can do with that cracking strike against Sassuolo today. With no rotation, the fatigue will set in, which is what we’re also seeing with Rafael Leao.

De Ketelaere has the skill and I am sure he’ll come good eventually, but the boy is clearly lacking in confidence and piling more pressure on him like this is only going to make it worse.

Mike Maignan’s injury setback was the worst thing that could’ve happened to Milan, as Ciprian Tatarusanu is just not up to this level, and everyone already knew that. It’s not just the saves, it’s the sense of security that goes through the whole defence with his presence, it’s his ability to help them play out from the back. It currently feels like every attempt is likely to be a goal with Tatarusanu there.

Would breaking the bank on Nicolò Zaniolo solve any of these issues? Probably not. He’s not exactly the most reliable player in the world and we are still to work out what exactly his best role is. Bringing him in during the current turmoil would not be the best idea either, a man who carries drama with him wherever he goes, the new Mario Balotelli.

So what is the solution? Quite simply, let Milan reboot and readjust to their current situation. No more Scudetto ambitions right now, let them focus on a top four finish, which after all was the aim last year before results saw them raise that bar. They have reached the Champions League knockouts, which is a great achievement for a club at this level of the rebuilding process.

It really wasn’t so long ago that Milan were in the depths of their banter era. Let their fans not make the mistake of assuming the leap from that to the heights of the Silvio Berlusconi reign is a short one. The new American investors have made it clear they will not just pour money into the club, which is only right, as after all it hasn’t exactly helped Chelsea, has it?

Leicester City sacked Claudio Ranieri after he won the most shocking Premier League title in history. Let Milan not show themselves to be even more short-sighted and ungrateful than that.


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  1. The decline and mistakes have been apparent from pre-season. It isn’t a case of having short term memories but seeing the obvious. There have been so many near misses this season – got away with a lot. he hasn’t at any stage shown that he can remedy the obvious mistakes.

  2. 1. Leicester city ended up making the quarter finals of the champions league post sacking Ranieri
    2. hasn’t helped Chelsea? they ruined us over 2 legs. you’re complaining about near 500m being invested in a squad? Chelsea were european champs two seasons ago. they’ve won multiple european trophies over the past decade. a bad season here and there is normal. at the moment, the team is more soulless than under Giampaolo. then we didn’t have ability but we didn’t lose so heavily.

  3. The Milanista fans need to CALMAAA!!! Last season was a complete fluke but a title none the less. If they fail to get a CL spot then it’s a disaster. For sure Pioli has served his purpose but they need a high calibre coach. Break the bank for Conte. Far worse things are happening at PhD HQ, so they should not be too hard on themselves.

  4. Milan need Allegri, who knows how to defend. Calabria is not Serie A level. Milan should find someone like Venuti or Dodo to replace him.

  5. In this case let me remind AC Milan fans they have won Scudetto last year thanks to the referee not blowing the whistle when Sanchez was fouled and they scored. That`s a very thing margin, challenging to replicate

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