Milan fans face Kessié dilemma in last home game ahead of Barcelona move

by | May 14, 2022 12:53

Franck Kessié will play his final home game for Milan tomorrow and it’s still unclear whether the Rossoneri fans will boo the Ivorian midfielder in a key meeting in the title race.

Kessié will leave San Siro at the end of his contract in June and has already signed with Barcelona.

The former Atalanta man will meet his ex-club in his final home game at Milan on Sunday in a vital match for the Scudetto race. Milan need a win to keep Inter at a security distance and could even become champions of Italy if they beat La Dea and the Nerazzurri don’t win away at Cagliari.

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Milan fans have booed Kessié during their last home games, even if whistles were not as loud in the final match played at San Siro against Fiorentina two weeks ago. It’s still unclear how Milan fans will welcome their midfielder in the final home match of the season, given its importance.

As Corsport and Milannews’ Antonio Vitiello points out, Kessié will likely be booed by Milan fans, especially when line-ups are announced before the game.

Many Rossoneri fans feel betrayed by their star, who claimed in the summer that he would have signed a contract extension with Milan, adding that he wanted to remain at the club forever.


  1. Robbybaggio

    I’m not sure why Pioli persists with playing Kessie. He’s been poor and looks disinterested. Better off to maybe go with Bennacer and Tonali.

  2. EzrGy

    Ill-advised by Mino 2.0

  3. A.R

    At this point booing Kessie is just petulant and ridiculous. Though he certainly put himself in this situation he is still a very important part of this team and his contributions over the last years towards putting the team in this position where they are fighting for The Scudetto have been vital.
    I also suspect that we might come out of this strenghtened anyway. Just like we did with the whole Donnarumma debacle.
    These situations where players are leaving without Milan managing to get a transfer fee for them are soon at an end ( I hope ), and the future certainly looks brighter than it has in a very long and painful time.
    Lets recognize Frank for what he has given, forgive him for the less than ideal way he is parting with us and wish him success in his continuing career.
    He definetly is not a Donnarumma or Calhanoglu. Let us show ourselves from a more positive side here. Enough with the negativity.
    Forza Frank and Forza Milan!

  4. Mjunaedi521

    Just let him play his best and then when the game is over ( milan win that game),curva sud could do something what they want…..

  5. Milan Fan

    Here’s the solution : let him sit on the bench. Start with Tonali, Bennacer and Krunic.

  6. crorossonero

    “A.R” – LOL. I recognize him for his lie towards the fans last summer. Anything else is stupidity. Dude lied publicly and you are asking us to recognize for the lie he has given and for the way he left after he lied? I think the fans will give him a nice farewell with a bunch of insults a liar deserves.

  7. JM

    Let it go and focus on the Scudetto. This is not a time for negativity. Frank has been a very important contributor to the growth of Milan and he’s still wearing their colors for now. Save the boos and whistles for when he returns in a Barca jersey if you must.

  8. DB Milan

    Milan fans booed Maldini, why would Kessie be the exception?

    I agree with AR above, he’s gone, end of story. We should be grateful for his performances prior to this season and wish him well.

  9. KeNny

    We all know the tradition if I’m watching from the stand I will do the same anyway
    Let’s appreciate his efforts we can do that some other time

  10. Dazziano Colucci

    I have to admit I love Franck Kessie, but I have lost a lot of respect for him after back tracking on his statement at the Olympics. For the good of the team I hope the fans cheer him on in his last game at San Siro. I think this Milan team will go on to be better and more successful with or without him. He will regret leaving such a promising group.

  11. Ardhi Adhary Arbain

    Kessie is still Milan player until the end of this season and if Pioli still believe him to play for the team, then so should we. It will be very stupid for booing him while we are still fighting for scudetto.

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