Gianluigi Donnarumma pleaded for Milan supporters not to insult him on his return to San Siro for Italy against Spain, but a banner has already warned he’ll ‘never be welcome here again.’

The goalkeeper left his boyhood club as a free agent over the summer to sign for Paris Saint-Germain.

His refusal to sign a new contract at figures not dissimilar to the ones he ended up accepting in Paris prompted an enraged response from the fans.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Nations League semi-final against Spain, Donnarumma asked publicly for Milan fans not to jeer him upon his return to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

However, a banner appeared over a bridge this evening, signed by Milan ultras, warning there is no chance of a reconciliation.

“Donnarumma, piece of ****,” read the banner. “You will never be welcome in Milano again.”

It’s not entirely new, as during previous contract renegotiation talks that went down to the wire, Milan fans had also hurled abuse at him while playing for the Italy Under-21 side and even waved cash at him as he was playing.

17 thought on “Milan fans: ‘Donnarumma will never be welcome’”
  1. He is a snake and a betrayal ,a kid with greedy ideas ,forgot the hand that brushed him up and left with his greedy fat pig agent

  2. Nice! Just what I expected from the Curva.

    Good job guys. That is a message from all of the Milan supporters.

    We will always support the Azzurri, but Dollarumma will never be welcome in Milan. That’s just how it’s gonna be. That’s just normal.

  3. Maybe they should get a job instead of harrassing somebody they don’t even know. Ultra??? pffh.

    This could get ugly tomorrow night at the Meazza.

    All we need is for the kid to be rattled in what should be his home stadium. I swear I hope most of those in attendance are Inter fans.

    Forza Azzurri

  4. Have cake, eat it too. Let the yahoos vent like a spurned lover, but when Primadonnarumma makes some wild saves, then all will be, sort of-ish, tolerated…unless the team loses, then yeah, gonna get all sorts of major ugly. Meanwhile, it’s clear to me they took pains to have such a banner, those “A”s are rendered so wonderfully.

  5. Bravo Curva Sud! Bravo!! Grande tifosi!! 100%. Don’t come back to Milan grovelling and begging not be jeered…he brought this upon himself.

    He doesn’t love Milan, that’s just cheap talk to escape the jeering. If he did he would have at least signed an extension and asked to be sold as part of a deal so that the club didn’t end up losing one of their prime assets for free.

    What project at PSG? He would have easily gone to Juve had they stumped up the cash for him and your puppeteer, Mino. Big signing on fee was always part of the deal which the club you “love” wasn’t going to pay. Weak and spineless. You stitched up the club you “love”. Disgraceful. Read the banner over and over.

    Pains me to support the him in the Azzurri. Will always have a bitter taste seeing him in my beloved Azzurri.

    Oh well, MM guards the goal now and has settled so well.

  6. @Marco: I can see that happening eventually, if Juve can afford him of course! You get Mino as well as Gigio though, that’s the problem.

  7. milan fans are simply disgraceful. no one owes you nothing. it was like milan wanted to put a bullet to his head to get him sign a new contract. i am glad he walked away from milan. disgraceful set of fans

  8. He is from Naples, he doesn’t care much for Milan! As for Milan fans well you’d have him back in the summer if it came to it! Best keeper in Europe! My bet is Juve for him next after PSG

  9. Honestly @Adam I can say I wouldn’t. I like Maignan’s distribution far more, its like Ederson’s. Plus, he’s a good keeper obviously. Gigio is and was great but I’m happy with Maignan at the moment. I do agree he will end up back in Italy, most likely with Juve.

  10. @DB Milan, I don’t follow much outside of Serie A, so had no clue who Maignan was. Has really impressed me thus far, very smart pick up from Milano.

  11. @serie a lover. Same could be said about every team fan base. There is good and bad fans. But it cannot be denied that he went to PSG for money. Now to call out all Milan fans “are disgraceful” is not okay. We do not know what all occurs internally of the entire Donnarumma saga but there were better ways to deal with this. Even Calabria said he was sorry to see Gigio to make that choice and it was on him now. He says he gave Milan everything but in reality it was the other way around, Milan gave Donnarumma everything. Wealthy living, co-highest paid earner, starting spot XI, and compete in the UCL.

  12. Milan did replace him well. Donnarumma can get lost, respect to the Milan fans for taking the position to defend dignity over $.

    From a Laziale 👏

  13. He’s messed up his move. But he’ll come and play for the national team, not PSG. There’s a chance that the whole team will get affected if they abuse him. If that happened perhaps they should consider never use san siro anymore for international match. It is not worth a penny.

  14. What a bunch of hypocrites! Certain you would have been celebrating when his penalty save won Italy the Euro’s or were you hoping Saka would score and Italy lose?? No one likes to their star player leave but maybe you should be pointing your fingers at the Milan heirachy and asking the questions to them! Gigio is a superstar and if I were in charge no azzuri game would ever be fixtured in Milan again if he is whitstled or booed, what a disrgaceful bunch. Makling Italy a laughing stock for self gratification.

  15. Milan fans sure have a wierd way of convincing that they have gotten over Gigio and just love the addition of Maignan, LOL!

    Stage 3 clingers, get over it.

  16. I think the bad losers are the Milan fans. I support Milan but it is time to move on. He did what most people would do. Milan did not offer the salary that PSG so my question is to these so called Curva Sud fans “What would you do it a job doing the same thing gives you more money”? Also he is now playing for Italia and everybody should be supporting him. I just think it is disgusting what these so called fans are writing and saying about him. Forza Italia and to Donnarumma, I would say “sei un grande portiere e buona fortuna”.

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