The Milan supporter who stole Stefano Pioli’s Serie A winner’s medal has seemingly shown off his ill-gotten gains on social media.

The coach was holding the medal during the chaotic celebrations at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia on Sunday evening, having won the first Serie A title of his career.

Pioli later sent out the message in interviews that he had lost the medal, believing someone had taken it from him during the crush when surrounded by fans.

The thief has seemingly identified himself via social media, posting on his Instagram Stories the medal in his hand with the caption: ‘Thanks Pioli.’

It remains to be seen whether the culprit will return the medal to Pioli.

If not, the Lega Serie A already tweeted out reassurances they will provide the coach with a replica.

Meanwhile, Pioli made sure there is one memento of the Scudetto triumph that cannot be taken from him, as today he got a tattoo on the inside of his arm representing the tricolore shield with 19, as it is Milan’s 19th Serie A title.

13 thought on “Milan fan who stole Serie A medal ‘thanks’ Pioli”
  1. That’s a bit stupid whats if he win a 20 twenty scudetti and so on…

    Is he going to keep adding tatoos if milan keep winning them?

  2. You get a life I have followed milan from when they dominated world football 30 years ago.and I know more about their history than you?

    I also have been to the San siro have u?? No I don’t think so you get a life

    So, get your facts right before judging people

  3. @vicenzo you get judged because you judged pioli. Calling him stupid for doing that, even it’s not your skin. Isn’t that fair??

  4. You guys don’t understand what it take to win the league with an under dog. Team no one believe Milan will win the 19 league title this year so let him have it he have done the job better

  5. @Vicenzo, our 19th is his first ever trophy, it’s very special to him, plus it’s his own skin.
    I’m sure fitting tattoos for more trophies is a problem he would love to have.

  6. @Vincenzo Coppola WOW you have been to San Siro, what a hero man. You are amazing, a true star among us. I though San Siro was only a myth, an urban legend.

    Btw, I had season ticket for SS 15 years ago. No bragging.

  7. I’m going to get a tattoo on my forehead that tells everyone I have been to San Siro. Guiseppe Meazza is too many letters.

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