Milan face investigation after anti-Inter banners

by | May 23, 2022 20:23

Milan could be fined, as the Disciplinary Commission has opened an investigation into the insulting banners against Inter on the Scudetto parade, while Zlatan Ibrahimovic also mocked Hakan Calhanoglu.

The Rossoneri are celebrating their 19th Serie A title, pipping Inter to the post by two points thanks to their 3-0 victory away to Sassuolo.

Right at the start of the parade going from Casa Milan to Piazza Duomo, the players held up a large banner at the front of the open-top bus that read: ‘Stick the Coppa Italia up you’re a**!’

It was a reference to Inter, who won the Coppa Italia after beating Milan in the semi-finals.

Before the parade had even reached Piazza Duomo, the Disciplinary Commission had already opened an investigation into the violation of article 4, which covers ‘the principles of fair play and probity.’

This was a reference to the 2007 banner that Massimo Ambrosini held when Milan were celebrating the Champions League and Inter had taken the Scudetto.

It wasn’t the only anti-Inter sentiment of the parade, as Theo Hernandez also started an insulting chant, while Ibrahimovic took the microphone and asked the fans if they had “a message for Hakan.”

Calhanoglu was in the Milan squad last season and left as a free agent to go across the city to Inter.

Milan player Ante Rebic also held up a large poster with an image of Inter coach Simone Inzaghi and the word ‘Spiaze.’

This has become a meme on social media and is mocking the way Inzaghi says ‘dispiace’ (disappointing) in his Piacenza accent.


  1. InterFan75

    Not good, not good. You’ll make me to say, you did not deserve scudetto. 😛

  2. Rosario

    IF fined, the club just need to start a crowd funding page, and the fine will be paid off in seconds by Milanisti.

  3. Milan Fan

    The banner where they say where to put the Coppa, sure that’s a little too much despite being funny, but the others, are you kidding me? lol

    Oh and I do have a message for Hakan. He can definitely stick that Coppa where he knows. After all that’s why he went there! Clown should’ve waited before counting his chickens when he provoked Milan fans after scoring that stolen penalty.

  4. Michael

    Hey, Italian isn’t their first language, they didn’t know what the sign meant 😉

  5. O’Gabbs

    For hakan he deserves all the insults but, for inter that wasn’t fair at all. May God forgive and have mercy on them.

  6. 1MIKEJ

    I would happily donate to help pay that fine!, and hakan was in the media at every opportunity after an inter win talking about how he is with better players etc and then ofc in the derby he was mocking 3/4 of the stadium after his penalty, you reap what you sow hakan, never forget.

  7. Jimbo

    Instead of enjoying a title with the fans, comes this infantile rubbish. That just shows what kind of club and people Milan are. Ah well, carry on, nothing to see here.

  8. inter

    small club mentality. lol

  9. Cypher


  10. paulo dybala

    small club mentality, thats why they’ll never achieve anything bigger

  11. Yemson

    @Inter.. Milan small club? Try to achieve half of Milan CL.
    Hakan deserves everything meme

  12. Paduka

    Such a big club with childish player

  13. CJ Milan

    I so much love IBRA he’s full of him self yes but yet knows how to get at anyone, Hakan deserve more, and I know IBRA is also trying to tell Franck that guy if u leave behave yourself like $runna don’t say sh**t about Milan
    @inter thanks for letting us know we are small mentality club “that beat u to the title” I think they deserve all because they never even gave Milan 45% of lifting it.
    Who saw the banner Man City held referring to “SIR” Alex him self OVER MY DEAD BODY, this is joy Throwing them(Milan players) OVB
    Milan all the way

  14. Francesco

    Hakan before joining Inter had 0 trophies. Now he has 2.

  15. Stefan

    Inter trying to get another fax scudetto

  16. Rosario


    The two high esteemed trophies that even Napoli have got their hands on and errr resulting in Inter being in Pot 2 for the champions league draw.

    You can keep Calha-no-clue. He can celebrate his 2 2nd places with two different teams in successive seasons.

  17. Mahsoud

    A genuine question from neutral fan: Why? These things is what makes football attractive. They are rivals ffs, its just a banner and no one gets killed, so why being snowflakes and offended?

  18. Dazziano Colucci

    Listen the mocking of Hakan I sort of expect. The rest is a little distasteful. Personally I must be shallow cos I really don’t care. We’re better than Inter this season. Fact!

  19. Gianluigi

    I find it funny Interisti out here getting offended when they and Rubentini were the main instigators in the banter era. Don’t dish what you can’t take.

  20. Hex

    I’m not surprised, they’re Uneducated
    That’s what they do when they win something

  21. bob

    as long as it’s not about racism or religions, I think it’s fine.
    banters among football supporters or even by players or coach is what makes this sport interesting.
    If you can’t handle this, maybe try tennis or golf!
    Forza MILAN! 🔴⚫️

  22. Bunga2

    Well, Hakan did diss his former teammates that it was easier to play in Inter, surrounded by quality players.
    Not to mention he also provoked Milan fans after scoring a penalty too.

    This is just returning the pleasantries, if you will 🙂

  23. Rosso

    I congratulate Hakan for being Winter Champions twice and …

  24. Rosso

    I don’t disagree with fining Milan for the banner but for Ibra? Cmon

  25. Eazi Frank

    Hey hakan enjoy your league title.

  26. tOM

    When Haken is in Milan, Milan is 2nd, Inter won schudetto.
    When Haken is in Inter, Inter is 2nd, Milan won schudetto.

    Well done Haken!

  27. gee

    To any of these Inter keyboard warriors, I am in London, lets meet up and settle this like gentleman.

  28. Cielnova

    Man, it’s funny. Those kind of banners are very normal in football. Just watch any matches especially derbies and you’ ll see many of them. SNS/Internet forums are full of trash talking and now they’re investigating something like this? IMHO as long as it’s not political or racist, it should be OK.

  29. Comrade

    Anyone says it’s not big of deal or it’s normal banners ,It is Normal for fans !but you do not encourage it as professional player , simple as that.

  30. Francesco


    Napoli also won the Scudetto in the past not sure what your point is? That Coppa and Supercoppa don’t matter? If so why did Pioli cry so much about the Kalulu offside? Why didn’t Milan play the Primavera against Inter? Why did Milan celebrate winning Supercoppa against juve last time you won it? Answer those questions

  31. soloInter

    Basically Milan stopped Inter from winning a domestic treble. That’s why in history this season will be remembered as a successful one. If the trophies Inter won were useless why are Milan crying about the Coppa. Milan will get exposed when in the CL and won’t have the energy to keep up when in the EL.

  32. All-Inter

    OH poor milan boys. Celebrate until you get your a… ripped as this would happen once every 15 years. People like you make footbal dirty. Instead of enjoying they are trying to off load their chilhood mental problems by insulting others.
    About Hakan, it is just enough to see his statics this year to undrestand if he was right to leave milan or not.
    This wasn’t the last season of footbal history and next season has already started.

  33. Vieri

    Why so insecure? Inter won with a much bigger margin last season and didn’t say anything about Milan. Rent free is what they call it.

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