Milan emerge as contenders for Dybala – report

Milan reportedly opened talks with Paulo Dybala’s entourage recently to sound out a possible move, adding a further twist to this transfer tale.

The Rossoneri are looking to sign a new number 10 this summer as they work to strengthen the attack available to Stefano Pioli and a number of options have been identified, like Club Brugge’s Charles De Ketelaere and Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio, and now a new idea has emerged.

As detailed by Daniele Longo of, Milan opened talks with Dybala’s entourage a couple of weeks ago to discuss a possible deal and what the parameters would look like.

It’s a crazy idea for the Rossoneri but they’re still interested in the move regardless, aware of the various tactical and commercial benefits. It’s likely that their salary offer would be lower than the €7m net per season received by Dybala at Juventus.

The Argentinian forward is already training on his own and he wants to be fully sharp for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. He’d reportedly be open to joining Milan but for now he’s waiting to see what both Inter and Atletico Madrid will do before making a decision.

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  1. With next to no money available, this is the only way I could think of that makes sense and actually improves the squad. Dybala is most suited to Milan’s style of play. His reported salary of around 6m plus adding is affordable for Milan (not taking agent fees into consideration) and we just have to take a chance on his injury issues.

  2. It’s a solid acquisition. We’re looking at various unknown talents at between 20-40m + Salary. This way we at least know Dybala can perform in Serie A and we’re only paying the salary. Doubtful, though.

  3. @Sal

    My friend, we know Ibra is a third choice, mostly for motivation

    If they bring that one, he’ll be for the first team

  4. NT hes motivated man, been tossed out by Juve. He’ll have a point to make and on his day, can be elite. Its a gamble worth taking.

  5. @Sal

    You said “on his day”. I can’t wait for Dybala’s good day once every 5 matches. I’ve seen him

  6. He is not a top player. If he were, then why are all the major clubs in Europe turning a blind eye. They know his entourage, injuries, failure to turn up in big games and immaturity is off putting. Milan should not be competing with Inter just to get one up on them. That is what Inter are doing just to get one over Juve. How can Milan afford his wages when Red Bird are still not through the door. With Sanchez going to PSG and Botman gone to England, Milan will have to suck it up for another year at least. Maybe give Red Bird a chance, but there are already rumours that Cardinale is still trying to get the money together. It tells me that they are not going to be pouring cash through the door.

  7. Good player, bad influence, not worth splooging a boatload of money on.

    Besides, it wouldn’t take long before Ibra took his head off with a kick. Pogba had to have his head reattached at Man U. Great medical team they have there but he’s never been the same player since. Probably balance issues. That can happen when someone kicks your head clean off with a roundhouse.

  8. Surprisingly the very important agent’s commission of approx 7m was omitted from this article.

    We paid the lowest agents’ commission of the top 5 clubs last season and will no doubt unlikely pay Jorge Antun’s fee.

    Similar to Dollarumma and Kessie. Agent’s fees are a major sticking point and won’t help in getting this deal anywhere near to closing.

  9. If it were up to me I would rather play with the same team than be over a barrel to an agent.
    Its disappointing to say but I don’t see anything good coming in this transfer window. Its also predictable given this windows proximity to the ” sale ” of the club.

  10. I feel the same @Acemilan. I’ve already come to terms with that. Negative maybe but realistic at the same time.

    Really sad for the Champions as we don’t need much.

  11. This wouldn’t be a cheap move either way. Even though its a free transfer, Dybala’s agent would still ask for a hefty commission and sizable sign on bonus. And then there’s the wages… I don’t know man. It’s steep even though Dybala is a better player than Diaz. I’d rather we went for the Belgian Boy instead. Not cheap but good for many years to come.

  12. Be interesting who gets him and what his wages will be – cant see him on similar wage levels to juve and funny as he’s a free transfer= no transfer for new club

  13. Would be great if no club eventually decides to pay up for his criminally greedy agent. What a clown. Then Dybala can ditch Antun and just choose where he likes to play, given the deals on the table. As it should be.

  14. This story was made up by Dybala’s agent to put pressure on Inter.

    I wouldn’t believe a word of it myself.

    But if Milan did happen to go for him, I’ve got no problem with it – decent players for free are always welcome. Virtually no downside. Either you get a decent player, or you sell them and get your money back.

  15. Dybala to Monza. Berlu and Uncle Fester will have them playing in Europe in two seasons.😜

  16. Sad to see as he’s a human being just like the rest of us but the truth is he was just hyped up by rubentus, so so overrated, just a mediocre player I’m afraid. Now he’s facing that reality that no big club is going to come in for him.

  17. Fake news LOL. Nobody knows what is going on at Milan now, put your minds at rest till after MM contract extension. FI is just filling in contents lol.

  18. The point of this article is to say that Milan lost out on another transfer target when he goes wherever, don’t believe this for a second.

  19. He’s going to Inter to strengthen the bench and overall squad. Inter just need to make a few sales first.Dybala is injury prone but at Milan that risk will be 10 times worse. Regardless I think Milan will make the mistake of not adding players and by mid season half of their players will be injured and this time the gap might be too much to close.

  20. I am a Juve fan, and can guarantee that the fan base doesn’t represent the ideas here who are badmouthing someone who is an all time top-10 scorer for the club and has scored among the most crucial goals that Juve has scored in Europe. Have some shame, you pricks! Frickin teenagers!

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