Milan confirm wrist surgery for Maignan

by | Oct 12, 2021 17:41

There are serious concerns for Milan, as goalkeeper Mike Maignan will have keyhole surgery tomorrow to resolve a recurring wrist problem.

The shot-stopper was on the bench for France during the Nations League, which his team won by beating Spain 2-1 in the Final at San Siro.

However, a statement released by the club this evening confirms Maignan is continuing to feel pain in his left wrist.

This injury was first sustained when saving Mohamed Salah’s penalty in a 3-2 defeat to Liverpool in the Champions League, as he collided with the upright.

The situation is so serious that, following a specialist consultation, Maignan will have keyhole surgery tomorrow with Professor Loris Pegoli.

It is not clear how long he will be out for, but La Gazzetta dello Sport predicts 10-15 days at least.

The 26-year-old was signed from Lille over the summer for €13m and has so far kept three clean sheets in nine competitive games for the Rossoneri.

Milan have two other goalkeepers in the squad, Ciprian Tatarusanu and Alessandro Plizzari, but there are problems here too.

Plizzari is unavailable until January 2022 following knee surgery on September 22.

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  1. Vogel

    Wow. It just keeps on coming for Milan.

    I’ve never seen anything like the number of injuries they’ve clocked up so far this season

  2. Nick

    No way. How could we allow this to happen. He should not have been on int’l duty with this injury.

    The operation should have been the day after the Atalanta game with those precious 14 days used as part of recuperation time.

    Now we will see Milan’s weak link. Good depth in almost every department except GK dept.

  3. Rosario

    Another report designed to alarm and sensationalise what is a really straightforward procedure. Arthroscopy on the wrist even when dealing with joint or bone issues should mean a recovery time of no more than several days.

  4. Angelo

    So GDS doesn’t know what they’re talking about then.

    “La Gazzetta dello Sport predicts 10-15 days at least”

  5. dangerboy


  6. revan

    milan got injury issues with their gk, while their fans booed their ex gk not so long ago. karma does exist

  7. Stucazz


  8. Dollarumma

    I’d rather lose the title because of injured Maignan than to have that pest Dollarumma around. I say it again, Dollarumma deserved to be booed at the San Siro and fans should never forget what drives this guy. San Siro is a place of emotion, history, tradition and a lot of love. Maybe once we have a new stadium and it is the definitive step in the money-oriented football world, it can be pardoned, maybe that would be the day to stop being attached to players and football in general would be less appealing.

  9. Basta Poco

    Wholly agree with @Nick. Two weeks of recovery time wasted, and now the potential for potential points dropped may make it harder for Milan to remain scudetto favorites. I’m not as optimistic as @Rosario that Maignan’s recovery will be short.

  10. Milan Fan

    That’s it. I’m done even reading the news. I will just show up before matches to see who’s available and see the game. This is ridiculous.

    No team in the world can win anything when their players get injured left and right every year.

  11. Michael

    Wowwwwwwwwww… how is it possible that no matter what position you play in for Milan, you get injured?? 10-15 days is extremely optimistic, says it will be 2 months! I hope Tatarusanu can perform, because this is a serious blow for our title hopes.

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