Milan become second Serie A team to win 17+ away games in a calendar year

Milan’s 4-2 win over Empoli tonight saw them match a Serie A away win record.

Stefano Pioli’s side took an early lead thanks to Franck Kessie, before Nedim Bajrami netted an equaliser six minutes later. The Rossoneri kept up the pressure though and the Ivorian midfielder scored his brace just before half time to give the team a 2-1 lead.

Goals from Alessandro Florenzi and Theo Hernandez in the second half secured the three points, despite the late consolation goal scored by Andrea Pinamonti.

As reported by Opta Paolo, Milan’s win over Empoli this evening was their 17th away win in 2021, making them the second ever Serie A team to win this many away games in a single calendar year. Ahead of them are Napoli, who won 18 away games in 2017 under then-coach Maurizio Sarri.

The Rossoneri’s victory tonight means that they go into the Christmas break with 42 points, only four points behind local rivals and league leaders Inter. The next match between the two Milanese sides is scheduled for February 6, a match that could be decisive in the title race.

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  1. ^^^ Good to see you only comment when your team wins or has good news. I hear nothing from you when you guys lose. Good win for ACM tonight but you have to sort out that Bakayoko. Very interesting when I told you that Inter would overtake you guys. I await the emoji.

  2. You keep forgetting how much they spent on their team and they only are 4 points ahead? Imagine if we had the money they spent don’t think there would be any team in Italy who could stop Milan.

  3. Uncle Z.

    You clearly don’t follow liveblogs. Still. Why would you want to hear me annoying your prophetic self? You clearly know far more, to hear what I have to say.

  4. @Rosario I got no time for live blogs and yes I do not follow them. I am always interested in different views, but you thought it was a bit foolish in thinking Inter would easily overtake Milan. It is is obvious and plain to see. They have the better squad. No need to analyse too much. Look at the Milan squad, it is too thin, fragile and the depth on the bench = Bakayoko.

    @Milanfan it is true they have nearly bankrupted their club to win but maybe PIF will swoop in. As I keep saying you have to speculate to accumulate. Business needs to take risks sometimes in order to take the next step up. You have Gazidis and if you look at Arsenal they never improved on the field. They became happy just to break into the top 4. That is one of England’s most traditional clubs and Milan is a special club which needs 2-3 world class players to bridge that gap.

  5. @Uncle Z

    If you don’t follow the liveblogs, then how do you go ahead and say you only hear from Milan fans when the team is winning? If you’re actually interested in different views, then I’d suggest you do follow the liveblogs. more Milan fans on there. Not Milanfan though. He’s actually a Juventus fan, pretending to support Milan.
    Also. Where did I say it was foolish to think Inter could overtake Milan? I’ve said since the beginning of the season that qualification for round of 16 (failed) and another top 4 finish would constitute progress for this Milan. I’ve never said Inter didn’t deserve their title or aren’t favourites to win the league.

  6. @Uncle Z
    With the amount Inter spent on getting players since last season, Isn’t a shame that Inter are not 10 points ahead of Milan.

    The journey is still far.
    Injuries are lurking and could hit any team regardless of their structure.

    League winner would emerge in May and if you want me to congratulate Inter for being the Winter winner, don’t forget that Milan were top at this time last year and we all know what eventually happened

  7. @Rosario when have I ever stated that I support ACM? It is true I am a Juventino but I will not bore you with the details. However you underestimate me as I have been watching Seria a for a very long time and unlike some fans I actually watch games. What I think of the current ACM is just my point of view, but please note I have never criticised or called your team any names or insults unlike other people. I am very frustrated with your team as for obvious reasons I do not want Inter to win. However I have to be realistic in the belief that they will win looking at the form etc etc.
    Rosario when I mentioned that Inter would overtake you put up your emojis. That can be interpreted in many ways and I assumed you thought I was being naive or foolish. Anyways have a good Christmas.

  8. Uncle z.

    I said ‘Milanfan’ is actually a Juventus fan. The other person who has responded to you in these comments. I didn’t say you were a Milan fan.
    Maybe you’ve read a bit too much into an emoji. Unless I’ve actually said you’re naive or foolish when making your prediction….I know I didn’t.
    As for watching games…I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t watch my team play. Again. I never said you don’t watch matches.

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