Milan and Leao optimistic of contract renewal


Things are looking encouraging for Milan as they look to tie down Rafael Leao to a new contract this summer.

The 23-year-old Portuguese forward’s current deal expires with the Rossoneri in 2024, so they need to secure his future with a new contract this year if they want to avoid a sticky situation next summer.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan and Leao are on the same page regarding a contract renewal and talks are ongoing to find the right deal. The talks will undoubtedly be long and there’s a lot to consider, like the almost €20m compensation owed to Sporting Lisbon.

The Rossoneri are hoping to tie him down until 2027, offering him a five-year deal with a new release clause, reflective of his importance to the club.

The Portuguese forward was one of the stars in the Milan squad as they broke their decade-long Scudetto drought. He scored 11 goals and provided 10 assists in 34 Serie A appearances.

4 Comments on “Milan and Leao optimistic of contract renewal”

  1. Next week. After the holiday. Next month. The deal is 99,5% done. After the WC.

    Lea left on a free transfer for West Brom where his chances of winning the CL are bigger than in ACM, which is now effectively a development club.

    Good job Red Bird Capital.

  2. Honestly, some of the “hot takes” on the new Milan owners, who aren’t even in charge yet, are fantastically stupid. Amazing how a lot of posters here are willing to jump the gun in an instant. Not to mention the posters who want everyone sacked and the club sold to whatever oil-rich, human rights-lacking country pops up first.

  3. Getting a new owner does not automatically mean that the transfer budget will increase. Milan needs to adhere to FFP and we still need to see what kind of penalty they will receive as they have breaking the FFP rules.

    Elliott wants Milan to be a sustainable club, but just because they have won the serie A does not mean they become rich as prize money aren’t huge in Italy and qualifying for CL is the same as last season.

    No matter what the media has written about Investcorp is not true. The transfer budget would not have been higher as that is not possible in the current financial situation that Milan is in.

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