Milan and Inter turned down Ronaldo this summer – report

Milan and Inter were reportedly amongst the list of clubs that turned down a possible move for Cristiano Ronaldo this summer.

Corriere dello Sport details how the Manchester United star’s agent Jorge Mendes contacted the two Milanese clubs at the end of June and start of July to sound out any interest in his client, who is keen to leave the North West of England this summer. Ronaldo would’ve been happy with either club due to their history and status, their participation in the Champions League and the city itself.

Both Inter and Milan immediately rejected the idea, however. Both sides had no interest in paying Ronaldo’s extraordinarily high €24m net per season salary, plus the Growth Decree wouldn’t have provided any assistance. 

Because the Portuguese star left Italy late last August without retaining residency, no Italian club could take advantage of the law, meaning it would’ve taken €45m gross to pay him for a year.

A number of other clubs around Europe also rejected Ronaldo this summer, including Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. 

Ronaldo is now reportedly hoping for a return to Sporting Lisbon, both because of his history with the club and their inclusion in the Champions League. This move would require significant help with his salary from Manchester United, however, and this may be difficult to secure.

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  1. Cristiano needs to humble himself and realise no one is going to pay him double figures. If he lowers his expectations to 6-7m a season maybe some club can take the gamble. Otherwise, good luck in United, you will need it

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