Milan, Inter and Roma feature in the top 11 clubs for average attendance in Europe this season, but there is a good reason why Juventus lag behind Sunderland, while Bari are a surprise in Serie B.

A study was conducted calculating the average attendances in Europe’s top five leagues and their lower divisions so far this term, now that the COVID restrictions have been lifted.

Barcelona top the chart with an average 83,383 people at every match, followed by Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and – despite their problems – Manchester United.

Milan are in fifth place with 72,169, followed by their city cousins Inter on 70,365, with both teams sharing the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, also known as San Siro.

Roma are the next Serie A side in 11th place with 60,964, boosted by Jose Mourinho, new buy Paulo Dybala and the Conference League victory.

Lazio have an average of 44,424 in the Stadio Olimpico, but Juventus manage only 37,634, which is less than Sunderland’s 37,926.

However, it is worth noting that the Allianz Juventus Stadium only has a capacity of 41,507, whereas Sunderland play their matches at the Stadium of Light, with a capacity of 49,000.

Napoli are top of the table, but average just 35,657 per game and Fiorentina 33,878.

The big shock is that the next Italian side in the chart is not even in Serie A, but despite their bankruptcy and revival to earn promotion into Serie B, Bari average 26,740 people per match in the second division.

4 thought on “Milan and Inter have highest attendances, Juventus and Bari surprises”
  1. No surprise, nobody wants to go to the stadium and fall asleep to Lord Hexagon`s coma calcio.

  2. CALMAAA!!!

    Stop humiliating the Italian Newcastle with the stadium of light and an English Serie b side. Correct comparison but a bit harsh considering the 7/9 are in the gutter. That capacity will decrease further as Open University Old Flinstone is offering nothing but 1Mbps Calcio on a platter.

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