Milan and Inter confirm plan to move new stadium outside Milano

San Siro

Milan and Inter confirm they are in a hurry to build a new stadium and will choose the quickest project even if it means moving their new home outside the city of Milano.

The Milanese sides approved a project to build their new stadium in the area of San Siro at the end of 2021. However, that new stadium won’t be ready before 2027 as the opening ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympics will be held at the Stadio Meazza.

There were reports of an alternative project for a stadium just outside Milan, in the city of Sesto San Giovanni. The Mayor confirmed the project a couple of weeks ago and both Inter and Milan have now confirmed that they could decide to move away from the city of Milano.

“I expected something quicker, especially considering that we are in Milan,” Milan President Paolo Scaroni told Tutti Convocati.

Sesto San Giovanni’s Mayor confirms alternative plan for Inter and Milan’s stadium

“The new stadium is for everyone, not only fans. However, we are aware that bureaucracy in Italy isn’t helpful. Inter and Milan have the same vision and ambition. A new stadium is a fundamental ingredient for a city like Milan.

“The problem is that this project belongs to Inter and Milan and not to the municipality of Milano. One of the reasons we are looking for alternatives outside the city is that the project would be quicker. We are in a hurry to have a new stadium.”

Inter director Alessandro Antonello shares the same view. “We are aware that the system is not helpful, especially in sporting infrastructures,” he added.

“We need certainties because uncertainty is difficult to accept for investors. We are waiting for the approval of the project. The public debate is necessary for transparency, but other European cities would see a stadium ready in three years.

“We need to have an alternative because our target is to have a new stadium as soon as possible.”

Milano’s Mayor insists project for Milan and Inter’s new stadium goes ahead

Milan’s Mayor Beppe Sala posted a document signed by Milan and Inter directors last week where they confirmed their commitment to a stadium built in the area of San Siro. However, the project must be approved following a public debate involving citizens, making the process much more lengthy.

9 Comments on “Milan and Inter confirm plan to move new stadium outside Milano”

  1. It is best for them to be away from San Siro. There would always be comparisons. Plus away from the mayor and council leading them on. I wish the success in getting this done as soon as possible. Maybe Napoli, Roma and lazio can do the same. Like him or not, it was a shame to watch what Rome did to Pallotta.

  2. Probably for the best. Maybe this will force them to cooperate, and if not the Milanese sides will have their stadium anyway, doesn’t really matter if it’s located a few tens of kilometers farther.

  3. The sooner they do it the better. The politics in Italy is what’s holding up Italian football. A good example is the Milan mayor who is basically going out of his way to block two of the biggest clubs in the world from having a modern stadium.

  4. Shame on the Italian authorities for being such u fortunate part of their football. This process will never have an end because they are doing everything to frustrate the clubs.

    They are about the money they are collecting as rent and they have no interest in the development of the game.

    The 2 clubs should move asap else they will only continue to negotiate endlessly with those sabotage authorities.

    Italians are the ones killing Italian football, too much politics and corruptions.

  5. I have loved and followed Italian football long enough to know that the Italian politics has destroyed Italian football, luck and wit gave Italy the euros, not making the world cup is a clear evidence.
    Italy used to have more than half of the worlds great coaches with lots of medals now Carlo Ancelotti is the last man standing.
    All the stadiums in Italy apart from juventus’ are old and archaic.
    No room for young coaches to step up and groom future world stars.
    The system of politics in Italy is too poor and born of greed.

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