Milan and Inter confirm new stadium 65,000 capacity max

Milan and Inter presented the project for their new stadium today, insisting 60-65,000 seats is the ideal and assuring fans that ticket prices will not sky-rocket.

The plans have been going for over three years now and were revamped several times following complaints from the local authorities.

They are still not entirely settled on the shape of the new structure, which could be oval rather than the rectangular ‘Cathedral’ option.

Even the location isn’t certain, as if they do not get permission to build next to the existing Stadio Giuseppe Meazza – which would then be knocked down – the clubs could still take their stadium outside Milan to Sesto San Giovanni.

“Our project is for a stadium of 60-65,000 seats,” explained Inter Infrastructure Development director Mark van Huuksloot.

“What we’ll try to do is fill it every game, which right now is not happening. We have sales and occupation that is inferior to 65,000, plus we want to increase the level of corporate hospitality.

“That will also help to keep prices in check, to avoid big increases for the fans. I am confident we’ll be able to keep everyone happy.”

The current Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, also known as San Siro because of the district it is situated in, has a capacity of 80,018.

Milan advisor Giuseppe Bonomi also spoke at today’s public event to begin debate over the project.

“In order to be competitive again, we need a new, modern structure that better suits the needs of the clubs and fans. The difference in revenue from ticket sales between Milan or Inter and the big European sides like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Barcelona varies from €80m to €140m.

“That shows that in order to be competitive on the international stage, clubs need stadiums, which can then have a positive effect reverberating over the whole city.”

5 Comments on “Milan and Inter confirm new stadium 65,000 capacity max”

  1. Great business decision!

    They both average over 70 000 today and could easily fill 80 000 every week in a new stadium. Smart very smart. Italian football is killed by the worst leadership in the world its so painful.

  2. What a pitiful effort! As I said in a post here a couple of days ago, take West Ham’s London Stadium for example.

    Their capacity is 60! And the new San Siro was going to be 60, now upto 65 only!


  3. @Dan.

    Do you know much of the corrupt history behind West Ham getting their hands on the olympic stadium?

    Milan and Inter generally average max 50-55K for ‘normal fixtures’. Naturally there is bigger demand for big champions league games but as we have seen with modern stadiums, seating can always be increased.

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