Sinisa Mihajlovic acknowledged Sampdoria” data-scaytid=”3″>Sampdoria “lost deservedly” 3-0 against Roma and criticised his players.



Sinisa Mihajlovic acknowledged Sampdoria “lost deservedly” 3-0 against Roma and criticised his players.

“We lost deservedly, but we also helped Roma, as in the first half we kept giving the ball away and making silly mistakes. It was remarkable we only conceded one goal,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“Then we tried to fight back and had some chances, but we kept choosing the wrong pass. What really annoys me is that I’ve got two players suspended for next week. Lorenzo De Silvestri’s yellow for dissent was unacceptable, while Daniele Gastaldello insisted it wasn’t his foul, but he still shouldn’t have gone sliding in.

“We played against Roma, who are a great side, and we mustn’t forget our objective is to avoid relegation. We were never able to play the way we wanted to, partly because of Roma and partly for our own fault.”

Roberto Soriano did not make much of an impact at the Stadio Olimpico, so Mihajlovic was asked what the tactical plan was.

“He was meant to be behind Eder and find space between the lines. He is technically very gifted, but he isn’t incisive enough and doesn’t go for goal. He needs to be more determined.

“We mustn’t make a drama out of this, but nor should we feel we are safe. We’ve played both Juventus” data-scaytid=”18″>Juventus and Roma now. I think Juve will win the Scudetto, but considering these performances I’d say the Giallorossi play very good football and always try to take the initiative. Along with Napoli, they are the strongest teams in Serie A, but I still think Juve are a step above.”

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