Bologna have released the video call that coach Sinisa Mihajlovic made to his squad from the hospital, where he is undergoing treatment for leukaemia. ‘I will fight for you and I am sure you’ll be fighting for me.’

The tactician already battled leukaemia in the summer of 2019 and recovered following chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, but the illness is fighting back, so he has gone back into the Sant’Orsola hospital for treatment.

Just like in 2019, Mihajlovic has been keeping in touch with his players and staff via video-link and Bologna released his first call to the squad.

“I will not be there physically, but mentally I will always be with you,” said the coach.

“The room is set up for all the games, I am in constant contact with the staff. Unfortunately, we already did this a few years ago, but I am sure that within my hospital room I will be fighting for you, just as I am sure you’ll be fighting for me.

“We beat this illness once before, so we can do it again, I have no doubts. Life is not lived in the absence of problems, but despite of problems. Life is not a straight line, there are curves, ups and downs, even sudden potholes you fall into, but you have to get back up and resume the journey.

“In difficult moments, you see the courage and reaction of men. There are two paths you can take, one is destructive, complaining and losing faith. The other is constructive, looking for the positive side of things. Clinging to that.

“I am living in a room that is about three metres squared. It is a temporary situation, I will beat this illness, I have faith in the doctors, so I want enthusiasm and not worried faces. I know that I will win.

“Together we must be united, if you need anything, I am at your disposal. I know our situation is difficult with the results, but not the performances.

“Going to Milan is not the easiest trip, there are 60,000 fans too, but it won’t be easy for them either.”

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