Mihajlovic: ‘Once in nine, once two penalties; it’s impossible like this’

by | Oct 28, 2021 22:27

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic rued the the two penalties conceded against Napoli on Thursday. ‘Once you play in nine, once you concede two penalties. It’s impossible like this’.

The Rossoblu, who were reduced to nine men when Milan won 4-2 last time, were dominated at the Stadio Diego Maradona, but Mihajlovic was not happy with the referee’s decisions in Naples.

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Gary Medel was initially given a free kick in a duel against Victor Osimhen, but VAR took a look at the situation and gave Napoli a chance to double their lead from the penalty spot.

In the second half, Osimhen went down in a battle for the ball with Ibrahima Mbaye and even if Mihajlovic was asked about the two decisive episodes.

“We lost against a stronger team, maybe we would have lost even without the two penalties,” Mihajlovic told Sky Sport Italia. “I don’t want to comment on the refereeing, it certainly seems strange to me that after the Bologna matches you always ask about the situations that go against us.

“I remember [Roberto] Soriano’s sending off for an elbow with a penalty against, today at 1-0, I saw an elbow from [Victor] Osimhen and no one said anything.

“Let’s continue. The lads tried to do what we had prepared, the first goal we conceded when we played out from the back.

“It becomes difficult, once you play in nine and once with two penalties against. They are already stronger, like this it becomes impossible.”


  1. Juve FAN

    It’s ok if mistakes are in the favor of Napoli, Milan and Inter, but it would be a problem if VAR correctly intervenes against them.

  2. milan Fan

    He’s right. Osimhen elbowed Theate in the box and it’s not the first time he does something like that. I was pretty sure it would be a red card but VAR didn’t even intervene.


    @Juve FAN… Says a Juve fan whose team was MASSIVELY benefited from spot kick last week!

  4. Andy

    There was no “mistake” in the Milan game. What are you talking about?

  5. Ravanelli

    Agnelli should request the VAR files from this match.

    At least this time, it’s actually about incidents where VAR can intervene.
    Not a second yellow..


    If it was D’ambrosio and not Mbaye that would never be called !!

    Now with VAR not calling these incidents against Inter it sets a bad precedent for VAR because when they finally get caught like Dumfries on Alex Sandro they cry like babies just like Inter did against Lazio when Lazio scored a perfectly legitimate goal and totally embarrassed themselves….Inter has no shame !

    wait, this is a napoli article right, then let me repeat “If it was D’ambrosio and not Mbaye that would never be called !! “

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