Junior Messias truly has made a dream come true by signing for Milan, as he was in Serie D until three years ago and supplemented his income by delivering washing machines.

The 30-year-old Brazilian completed the transfer today from Crotone, on loan for €2.6m with an option to buy for a further €5.4m plus bonuses.

It’s a remarkable rise for Messias, who only made his Serie A debut last season for Crotone, contributing nine goals and four assists.

His previous clubs before joining Crotone in 2019 were Casale, Chieri and Gozzano, playing in Serie D until stepping up to Serie C in 2018-19.

Before that, Messias played the sport purely as a hobby, supplementing his income with jobs that ranged from recovering bricks from demolished buildings to delivering washing machines.

Official: Milan sign Junior Messias

It was former player Elio Rossi who met him during one of those local games in Turin and managed to get the €1,500 per month salary for Messias to become a football player at Casale.

Some of his relaxed approach to the sport is still visible in his Serie A performances, as his jersey was ripped during a match last season.

Rather than flounce off or wait for a new shirt to be delivered, he simply tied a knot in the torn part and carried on.

Even if Milan don’t take up their option to buy from Crotone, Messias will experience a fairy tale regardless, going from Serie D to San Siro in just three years.

10 thought on “Messias, from Serie D to Milan in three years”
  1. I think we got our own version of Jeremy vardy, may be he will soon find him self I champion league final

  2. Ok, you can get emotional with this schmaltzy and corny Cinderella style fairy tale, but the fact is that Milan, yes, AC MILAN, not Spezia, Salernitana or Sassuolo, signed a 30-year-old player who was practically an AMATEUR until four years ago. Meanwhile a club that was born the day before yesterday (PSG) has signed half of Olympus, and a team that in its 754 years of existence has as its most important title a solitary edition of the now defunct Cup Winners’ Cup signs players of the status of Romelu Lukaku and Jack Grealish. An AC Milan shoul and must be proud and ambitious, for Chrissake!

    I know: it’s obviously not Maldini, Massara & Co.’s fault, it’s a series of factors and circumstances that go far beyond their will and determination, involving a series of historical reasons that obviously are not discussed here. However, none of this prevents the feeling of frustration from being immense and damn inevitable. Well, at least we have a good team, which started the season playing very well, keeping the same pace as the final stretch of 2020/21.

    Anyway… let’s see what will happen.

  3. @Gre-No-Li what’s the definition of AMATEUR by the way?
    Just because he didn’t get the chance to play a proper football because of his hard life and until some players found him and bring him to football world.
    Think that he can raise from serie D to serie A in four years.
    Is he really an AMATEUR? Or is he really a TALENTED player?
    Well, time will tell for sure.

  4. I don’t know what’s the point of comparing Milan‘s signings with PSG’s. The facts are simple: Milan doesn’t have (much) money, while PSG has money to burn. Milan has no chance of winning the CL while PSG and Man City do. So the rich clubs buy all the best players, and those players also want to go where they can earn a fat salary, and where the club can compete for their dream trophy.

    Meanwhile a club like Milan, who’ve had a glorious past but have been a mid-table club for the last 10 years, both can’t buy and can’t attract the best talent. So we have to try to get the best we can with little money. And yes we are getting better, both team-wise and financially, but it takes time. The team is stronger now than this time last year. And if we get into the CL again, hopefully a year from now we will be stronger still. If we consistently get into the CL, we will be able to consistently support a higher wage bill, and will be more attractive to top players out there.

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