Message from Fiorentina ultras to Vlahovic: ‘Don’t come to the curva’

by | Oct 28, 2021 19:36

Fiorentina fans have reportedly asked striker Dusan Vlahovic to stay away from the curva after the insults at Venezia.

The Viola lost their second consecutive away game by 1-0, as Pedro secured a win for Maurizio Sarri’s men at the Olimpico on Wednesday.

This time, however, it was no coincidence that Vlahovic decided against greeting the travelling fans after the match.

The ultras had, according to La Repubblica, asked the Serbia international to stay away after the ugly scenes in Venice and the Serbian obeyed.

Video: Fiorentina fans insult Vlahovic

Vlahovic recently rejected the club’s proposal of a bumper new deal at the Artemio Franchi to fuel speculation of a possible move away from the Viola.

The 21-year-old’s contractual situation has created a tense relationship with some sections of the fans, who made themselves heard after the 1-0 defeat to Venezia in Serie A.

The fans reportedly didn’t want a repetition of the insults directed at Vlahovic after the 1-0 defeat to the ArancioNeroVerde and Vlahovic headed straight down the tunnel after the match against Lazio on Wednesday.

Dusan Vlahovic


  1. Francis

    Hooligans and hoodlums who are frustrated that the young lad is living the dream of his life

  2. MoE

    They act like Fiorentina are a top European club. It’s been 25 years since they were anything close to that. Be thankful he kept you in Serie A last year (close to relegation zone in last few weeks despite 20 of his goals).

  3. Adam

    True MoE, but if these players stayed they could compete! They had some talent in last few years leave, just needs one or two to break that cycle. Imagine him with Chiesa and Berna 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Fiorentincheg

    MoE, nobody knew about Vlahovic year ago, he was just a dude from primavera. Last season almost the whole team played for him, Prandelli and Renato Buso worked with him and did everything to help him grow. Also, nobody asks him to stay forever, just sign the damn contract and go away in a year bringing good money along the way. But he’s lied during summer that he will sign and now he doesn’t and wants to leave as a free agent. So I am not surprised that fans are angry

  5. Vero Rossonero

    @Fiorentincheg. So Fiorentina will “only” get ~40-50m for Vlahovic now. What about Partizan, who you paid a measly 3m for Vlahovic only 3 years ago? Didn’t you “steal” him from them? You think he is a mercenary and that Fiorentina fans are right to be angry, but what about Partizan fans? This whole idea about fans being butt-hurt when players leave is ridiculous. Unless you are in the EPL or one of the top 3 clubs in the other leagues (or just PSG in Ligue 1) then you should expect top talent to be in demand. Be happy that Commiso is more savvy than our directors and will get SOMETHING for this player. Otherwise if you can’t take the fact that players like Vlahovic will move on then be happy with whatever your primavera produces and leave clubs like Partizan alone. But then you might end up in Serie B…

  6. MoE

    Fiorentincheg, agreed he came out of nowhere and he does owe gratitude to the club. However, same thing happened with Chiesa…the fans need to recognize they are not a final destination for top players but a stepping stone. Unfortunately that is the reality of the club, whatever the reason may be for this. They are not the Fiorentina of old, as sadly happens with many historic IBS in Italy


    Another talented youngster who doesn’t want to stay in Serie A. It seems bridges have been burned, and Fiorentina may look to sell now.

    Maybe Newcastle will pay a fortune – they’re desperate.

  8. MoE

    Adam, I agree with you…problem is they won’t stay. Chiesa at least is continuing to progress. Bernadeschi has stalled his career at Juve. Would be nice for them to stay and make the club top again, but it just won’t happen.

  9. Chris

    Not really sure how someone can say he’s a primavera player when he came from Belgrade. Fiorentina was always going to be a stepping stone to see if he could perform at a high level. He has shown he can, so Viola are faced with a choice – invest in the club to make staying a more reasonable, more appealing option for young prospects or accept their fate as a feeder club and cash in.

  10. Jono

    @Adam something to consider… If they did stay, could Fiorentina support the wages? It’s not always a bad thing for up and coming clubs to sell their star player and rebuild with that $$$ -think clubs like Tottenham (sold Bale and eventually made it to CL final a with Kane / Son), Liverpool (sold Coutinho, won the Champions League), Atalanta (who sold Papu and Romero and are still competitive).

  11. Fiorentincheg

    @Chris, he did came from Partizan but I have just checked the stats and he scored total of 3 goals for Belgrade in 27 matches, and 20 in 22 matches for FIorentina primavera.

    So, @Vero Rossonero, I would say 3mln is a fair price for a young player who only scored 3 goals in 27 matches. I would say also that it would be a proper move to give Partizan some percentage of resale profit, but thats the point of the situation, Dusan doesnt want to sign the contract and wants to leave for free, so no club will get anything. I really hope that wont happen though.

    Anyway, Dusan can do whatever he wants, but he have to face the consequences of his actions. Paradoxically, I feel like Chiesa was more honest in this regard, he made clear his discontent and pushed for the Juve transfer (and Chiesa also signed the contract in the end and brought 60 mln to the club), while with Vlahovic where is a video in which he says to fans that he will sign the contract if they give him and now he’s doing the complete opposite.

    And thats why fans are angry with him, not for him wanting to leave but because of this double play.

  12. Gio

    Vero [email protected]

    Couldn’t agree more donnaruma did absolutely the right thing that left Milan for free.

  13. Aria

    Let’s hope its all over.. and have the best interest for both party..

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