Meret on ‘best period’ of his career and renewal with Napoli

Alex Meret discussed his growth with Napoli this season and the status of his contract renewal ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League game against Ajax.

The 25-year-old Italian shot stopper had a fairly uncertain summer amidst the rumours that Keylor Navas would be arriving, but ultimately the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper remained in France, leaving Meret to become the number one with Salvatore Sirigu playing a backup role. Meret has risen to the task, putting in good performances as Napoli fly high this season.

Speaking in a press conference, Meret first suggested that this period was the best of his career so far.

“I think this is the best period of my career at Napoli, together with when Ancelotti was there.”

He commented on what aspects of his game he still needs to improve.

“I know I still have to improve with my footwork, you can’t judge a goalkeeper only by how he plays with his feet. 

“I know I still have a lot of work to do, I have improved but I simply have to continue on this path and do what the coach asks of us.”

The 25-year-old Italian goalkeeper touched on Napoli’s strong form and the instant impact of defender Kim Min-Jae.

“The attitude must be the one we have put on the pitch in all the matches so far, we have maintained a great mentality. We must not let the intensity drop, we know it will be a difficult game at home. We will try to bring home the victory. 

“I want to congratulate Kim because he has fitted into our team perfectly. I try to call the defence as I have always done, but the credit is also due to him for fitting in perfectly with the coach’s help.”

Finally, Meret discussed his growth with Napoli this season, the arrival of Sirigu and the status of his new contract.

“This year I am finding consistency, it’s easier to show my qualities. I’m happy with my season so far. 

“Sirigu? He immediately fitted in well with the squad and I’m happy with his arrival and it’s a pleasure to work with him. 

“I don’t like talking about things off the pitch, but my renewal with the Azzurri is close. I can say that for sure.”

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  1. It’s only because they chose him over Ospina based on age only. But it was Ospina playing more often.

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