Media watch: Szczesny ‘a problem’ for Juventus

by | Sep 12, 2021 10:20

Italian media pin the blame of Juventus’ defeat against Napoli on Wojciech Szczesny. ‘He is a problem for the Bianconeri.’

The Poland international hasn’t had the best start to the season with two costly howlers, first against Udinese in MD1 and then against Napoli.

Against the Azzurri, the former Arsenal man didn’t manage to block Lorenzo Insigne’s curler, pushing the ball a couple of yards, allowing Politano to score on the rebound.

The Italian winger levelled the score before Kalidou Koulibaly’s late winner, but this time the Poland goalkeeper could do nothing to avoid the Partenopei’s goal.

However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Szczesny’s mistake ‘changed the game’.

“He is at fault for two defeats. Among all their problems, Juventus must also deal with the one concerning their goalkeeper,” wrote the pink paper that rated Szczesny 4.5/10.

Szczesny’s howler in the first game against Udinese led to a 2-2 draw, but this doesn’t change the fact that Juventus are still without wins this season and have just one point after the first three Serie A games.

Tuttosport was even harsher on Szczesny with a 4/10 rating while Il Corriere dello Sport rated the goalkeeper 5/10 but blamed him also for Koulibaly’s winner, writing that he should have come out of the sticks claiming the ball.




  1. Nana

    Szczesny is a proper player for Juventus, as rat for garbage.

  2. lee

    Why is this a surprise. He would make Karius blush. This clown has been howler prone since his Arsenal days and does it for a club and country. He had one lucky season at Roma and the tactical masters at Juventus thought he the heir to Buffon. The problem is he is on 7.5 mil a season long contract and no big club will take him. Donnarumma was their for free, error prone but so young and with time to fix those issues. Coaches are not the problem it is management. Klopp or Guardiola could not fix this mess as the players are not Juve level simple as that.

  3. Tom

    Nonsense keeper Juve act now max Szczesny is weak now ….use the second keeper on Tuesday

  4. Cypher

    Lord Allegri does not agree with this article. Szczesny is a top 5 GK according to him.

  5. Steve

    Juve might be going through a rough patch,but remember how far this club has just can’t throw all it has done n achieved to the mud.This club never gives up,despite all the naysayers n haters.pls show some respect dude.Finoallafine

  6. Gino

    You cannot replace an F-35 Lightning II (Buffon) with a broken down second hand Skoda in Szczesny. Dude cannot even move gears out of neutral. Feel so bad for Pirlo as the management did not give him nor Sarri the time and the players. Imagine if Pirlo had this start. Allegri gets a pass but his stubbornness to keep with his Skoda and play out dated slow and backwards football was predictable. Should have swallowed pride and brought back the moaner king Conte. At least he would have put a rocket up their behinds

  7. Eric

    It’s a big shame Juve let Donnarumma slip to PSG all because of blind faith in this polish clown.

  8. Al BiancoNeri

    As much as we all wanted Donnarumma, Juve simply could not afford him. The club has been bleeding money during covid. Szczesny has been solid since taking over for Buffon, but he has been disastrous in the opening games this season. (To be fair, the whole team has been a disaster) As solid as he has been in Serie A, he has certainly never been worth anywhere near his current wages. Why an unproven Paratici was given the keys to the piggybank and Marotta (who everyone acknowledges is a master and had proven to be at Juve) was given the boot I will never understand. Everyone pays for their mistakes, let’s hope we can learn from them, the way champions do. Forza Juve!

  9. serie a lover

    szczesny got to be so low on confidence. because you have the manager endorsing you before the season and at the start of the season putting in some horrendous performances. i believe he is at fault for both goals. because a good keeper comes for that cross and either collects it or punches it away. allegri has to put perin in the bars on tuesday. just to send a message. you cant have your goalkeeper making those same mistakes and continue starting. it sends the wrong message that mediocrity and bad performances are ok.

  10. juvemania

    alot of juventus fans doesn’t agree with this. lord cesny is top 3 GK in the world.
    he saved arsenol from MU slaughter conceded just 8 goals.
    if it buffon arsenol must be suffered 18 goals not just 8 goals.
    i hope allegri play him again because perin is Italian and lord cesni is Poland hero on euro so always trust foreign who loved by most juventini.
    sometimes i think allegri choose his players basically on bias toward age, old always stronger.
    foreigner always better than local italian.
    thats the recipe of mad max.
    we must buy him young foreign player if we want him to bring us to the final UCL.
    young italian like chiesa must sitting behind cuadrado in udine.
    he played locatelli on regista because he just out of choice.

    and we paid de ligt 16M per season for hype.
    the best young best defender in the world and the most expensive defender in the world who can kept his team conceded. amazing right?

  11. Matthew

    yes he is weak but he is portayed like he is the one and only sole reason for juve bad start…
    how about defenders…nobody secured the ball how about Kean like wtf he was doing? Was he even aware what team he is on?
    but its good to have a culprit you can put all the blame on

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