McKennie: ‘It’s difficult to ignore certain transfer rumours’

Weston McKennie suggested that Massimiliano Allegri makes him feel wanted at Juventus but noted that rumours can be ‘difficult to completely ignore.’

The 23-year-old American midfielder was a fairly regular feature in Allegri’s squad last season until a serious knee injury forced him to remain sidelined for over three months. He scored four goals in 29 appearances across all competitions.

Speaking via, McKennie first discussed what he’s been up to over the last few weeks.

“I took advantage of the break to relax and clear my head a bit. My goal was to come back here and be fit, I trained a lot and most people didn’t recognise me. That’s a good sign.”

He touched on the general strangeness of the pre-season.

“In football you adapt and get used to things very quickly. Obviously in Italy this preseason is ‘strange.’ We train twice a day, arrive at 8:30 in the morning and leave at 8:30 at night. 

“It’s one of those things where at the end you say ‘oh, god!’ After a month away, it’s nice to meet up with my teammates and touch the ball again.”

The American midfielder spoke about a move away from Turin and the importance of Allegri’s support.

“Allegri’s words were very important for me. For an athlete it counts a lot to be in a place where you feel wanted, where they need you. 

“About a hypothetical transfer away, I’ve heard all kinds of things, to the point that it is difficult to completely ignore certain rumours. 

“My agent and I, however, are in close contact, so I would be the first to know if something is true or not.”

McKennie commented on the team’s winning mindset heading into the new season.

“The expectations are the same every season. Juventus are a team that are always called to win everything. 

“Most people cannot deny that Juventus are the top club in Italy, so we should win the league, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana and Champions League, or at the very least, play in the Champions League final. 

“A draw for us is like a defeat, our standards are very high. We don’t like to lose, we’re working to get back to the levels we’re capable of. I think the incoming market is very good and next season will be very positive for us.”

Finally, McKennie gave his thoughts on the return of star midfielder Paul Pogba.

“For me it’s an opportunity to be able to play with someone of his caliber, I’m definitely looking forward to it. 

“He has energy and a lot of personality, the many opportunities you have to be able to work to him are good.

“In every squad you also need the leisure time, and then obviously understand when it’s time to work hard.”

Contracted to Juventus until 2025, McKennie has often been linked with a move away from Turin in the last 12 months but he’s seemingly been included in Allegri’s plans for the upcoming campaign.

4 Comments on “McKennie: ‘It’s difficult to ignore certain transfer rumours’”

  1. It’s really hard for him to compete with other midfielders in the team as well, even if we consider Arthur and Rabiot sold , still he has to compete with Zakaria, Miretti, Fagioli , Rovella , Locatelli to get a first team role. I’d leave Juve for somewhere I’d get first team play if I were in his shoes.

  2. @Brian, disagree – he will play many games for juve – being swapped with Lucatelli and zakaria – if juve buy a new player who does the registra role like paredes – then if i wre him i’ll leave – see if we can sell him to West Ham = £££ to spend on transfer + wages

  3. Brian you will pardon me please but you don’t seem to understand the qualities in Mc Jennie at all.He was the only midfielder with four goals before his injury moreover Mc Jennie is on par with all those midfielders you mentioned. Tell me why Allegro still stick to him? For a Juve

  4. @abdul Adamu
    That’s what “Compete” means
    he’ll have to prove he is better
    your words won’t prove that
    Fagioli is actually a pretty good regista and he has proven that
    Time will tell who is better

    last season Juve had many goal scoring players.but the main problem was midfield . Juve didn’t have a good deep-lying playmaker and Loca had to play there instead of his natural role which is a box-to-box . So We don’t really talk goals when we’re talkin about midfield playmakers really. Loca would have scored more goals if he were deployed in a more advanced role like mckennie , so I don’t agree with what u said.
    If mckennie can compete other players he’ll have to prove i

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