Weston McKennie opened up about his tactical growth in Serie A and his confusing start at Juventus, revealing a puzzling move by the Old Lady.

The 25-year-old American midfielder has had an interesting journey with the Bianconeri since his initial arrival from Schalke 04 back in July 2021. After a slow start, he was shipped off to Leeds United on loan and seemed destined to be sold, but he’s since turned things around.

McKennie has been one of the better players in the Juventus squad this season, despite their difficulties under Massimiliano Allegri. With a little over a year left on his contract in Turin, he is expected to be offered a new contract in the coming weeks.

McKennie talks Juventus growth

Speaking to ESPN, McKennie was first asked about his growth and development with Juventus over the last three years.

“For me, I think the league helped me grow in more of a tactical and positional standpoint.

“I was in Germany before, and I was the workhorse still, running everywhere and trying to get into everything, maybe running 60 yards when I only needed to run 20 to get the same job done, so I think that Italy helped me out in that way, it’s a very tactical and defensive league.”

The American midfielder then commented on the adaptation issues, revealing a confusing move by Juventus.

“Probably just the language. Also, coming here and being someone no-one really knew about, I didn’t have a translator so I was just sitting in meetings like ‘Uhh… what’s going on?’ and then was expected to do it on the field straight away. Definitely the language.”

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