Mbappé on Giroud feud: ‘I don’t have a problem with him’

Giroud and Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappé explained the feud with Milan striker Olivier Giroud ‘dragged on’ due to the media coverage. ‘I was enraged, but two days later, I was not thinking about it’.

Reports emerged regarding a clash between Mbappé and Giroud after some implied criticism from the Milan striker.

Giroud was not happy with the lack of passes from his teammates at France, clearly frustrated with Mbappé’s decision to try on his own when the former Chelsea man was free during a match against Bulgaria.

The veteran made the comments after scoring a brace in the game and Mbappé revealed he was ‘enraged’ after the words of Giroud and confronted the Rossoneri star. But the media didn’t let it go.

“It dragged on,” Mbappé told L’Equipe. “Because people dragged it on. I am going to tell you the truth: that night, I was enraged, but two days later, I was not thinking about it anymore.

“I had it out with him, I told him what I had to say, and afterwards it was over. It certainly dragged on in terms of the media, people, there was always this shadow over the head of the team, but it was not a problem for us.

“I had a difference of opinion, yes, that played out in public because it began in public.”

Mbappé spoke about the incident at a press conference, but said he just wanted to ‘end’ the feud in public, where it started.

He then said he would ‘welcome’ Giroud back to the national team and hopes the Rossoneri striker will get the possibility to break Thierry Henry’s record with Les Bleus.

“Because it started in public, it had to end in public, it is simple,” Mbappé added. “But I do not have any problem with him, I wish him the best, I see that he has started well with Milan.

“If he comes back to the French national team, I will welcome him with open arms. He was very close to breaking Thierry Henry’s record, it would be a shame if he was not given this possibility.”

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