Martinez talks Lukaku return to Inter, Origi to Milan and De Ketelaere potential

Roberto Martinez was not surprised about Romelu Lukaku’s return to Inter and he underlined Charles De Ketelaere’s ‘extraordinary ability’ in attack.

Lukaku returned to Inter last month on a dry loan deal from Chelsea, finally pulling off his return after a difficult 12 months in the Premier League. On the other end of the spectrum is De Ketelaere, who finally signed for Milan last week after a tough set of talks with Club Brugge, who’ll be hoping to prove his quality in Serie A this season.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Martinez first discussed Lukaku’s return to Inter and how much of a difference he’ll make in the upcoming campaign.

“Lukaku has come home at Inter. I’ve known Romelu for years, I’m not at all surprised by his choice and his determination to return to Milan whatever the cost, it was what he wanted. 

“He gave a lot to Inter already in his first experience and, between the Europa League final and the Scudetto, he created an emotional bond with the Inter fans that has never been broken. 

“More than a sports project, Rom espoused a feeling. Let’s start here. He went in search of emotions that are independent of victories. Let’s talk about heart and not just football. 

Then I see him absolutely focused on what he wants, which is to win with the team he loves, he will give everything to prove that he is as decisive as the first time. Romelu is a very modern and total striker. He adapts to different systems, it’s not true that you can only play one way with him. 

“He can be the reference point in a quick game directed toward the forwards, he can be useful in physical battles, but he is also good at combining with his teammates in a manoeuvred system as in Belgium. 

“That is why he will adapt very well to a new coach and teammates who, in the process, have changed. I have no doubt about the impact he will have on Inter and Serie A.” 

The Belgium coach then gave his thoughts on Divock Origi and his free transfer to Milan.

“Origi is mature and has had the privilege of being in an incredible locker room like Liverpool’s. Although he played little from the start, he decided many games. Now he has the right desire to start from the beginning, also because Divock has a gift. 

“In difficult moments, he suddenly appears and decides. I think he is ready to be in a new team of Milan’s level, it’s important for his teammates to show him the way after the Scudetto.” 

Finally, Martinez spoke about Belgian wonderkid De Ketelaere, who is expected to grow into a star with the Rossoneri following his move from Club Brugge. 

“De Ketelaere steals your attention, leaves you speechless with technical ability, flexibility, elegance of play. He has a coordination, a skill in the final pass and in shooting at goal that few others at his age have in Europe. Let’s focus on the pitch and not on comparisons. 

Charles has always grown, we have accompanied him in a project from the Under-21 to the first team, and he has an extraordinary ability to occupy all areas of attack. 

“He can adapt to needs mainly because of his technique. Charles with time can stay along the wake of the greats in the Rossoneri tradition.”

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