Marotta updates Inter on Lukaku, Dybala and Skriniar

epa07866201 Picture made available 24 September 2019 of (L- R) Chief Executive Officer Sport FC Internazionale Giuseppe Marotta, President FC Internazionale Steven Zhang Kangyang and Chief Executive Officer Corporate FC Internazionale Alessandro Antonello arriving for the Best FIFA Football Awards 2019 in Milan, Italy, 23 September 2019. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI

Inter director Beppe Marotta confirms Romelu Lukaku is ‘coming back home’ from Chelsea, warns there is ‘no agreement right now’ with Paulo Dybala, while ‘many clubs’ are interested in Milan Skriniar.

The former Juventus chief spoke to reporters at an event this evening and covered the biggest transfer stories of the summer surrounding the San Siro side.

Lukaku is due to have his medical on Wednesday and Inter exchanged documents with Chelsea today, for a loan deal worth €8m plus bonuses and the Belgium international accepting a pay cut.

“We must thank the club owners. I hope it can all be finalised in a few days,” said Marotta a year on from the €113m sale.

He also spoke from the stage of the event, describing Lukaku only as “a player who did very well here and we are happy he is coming back home.”

The negotiations for players coming in continue after Henrikh Mkhitaryan signed on as a free agent, but talks are still in progress with Dybala over his wage demands and agent’s commission.

“I won’t deny that we met with Dybala’s representatives. We need to explore new avenues and Dybala is one of those we are currently looking at, but in order to reach a conclusion, we need the parties to converge in the same direction.

“There is no agreement right now.”

All these signings also require some sacrifices and the player on his way out first would appear to be Skriniar, the Slovakia international wanted by Paris Saint-Germain and now also Chelsea, while Tottenham Hotspur lie in wait too.

The asking price is circa €70m and so far PSG have reportedly reached €60m including bonuses.

“There is interest from many clubs, both for Skriniar and for other players,” added Marotta.

“We will evaluate it calmly. We don’t want to let go of anyone unless they request to be sold, but sustainability must always be kept in consideration too.”

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  1. @Gio you apparently know nothing either. Reading is fine, but there are so many articles with such nonsense. They are designed to get clicks and have people like you believing in any transfer story. Bremer has been linked, but nothing has been finalised. Look at Botman. Milan were working on this for 6 months, but got usurped by Newcastle. Inter need to sell before buying. Bremer has also been linked to the premiership and Spurs in particular. Money talks, and whoever shows the cash and quickest gets the deal.

  2. @Kanwar Singh, you’re a fresh addition here; not holding back, I like that in a player.
    But you’re dealing facts as well: Bremer has a personal agreement with Inter, has he not?
    I read more than just one source on Italian football and gradually you get to see how the strings are pulled, but not even Di Marzio or Fab Romano fully understand the business – to say that money often talks in an intriguing way and the quickest not always get the deal, yet the most cunning..
    Anyway, the point is: Mohammed: read up! X-)

  3. @Kanwar Singh… MOHAMMED clearly said “havent heard of any names” he didn’t mention about “done deals”. Bremer and Milenkovic are the names being linked to Inter! He might not follow every article linked to every team or player and it is understandable but what’s your point to Gio?
    Base on your logic nobody is allowed to talk about a possible transfer since it not done yet?! To your point, Skriniar deal hasn’t been finalized either!
    Clubs try, look for opportunities, approach, evaluate and negotiate but a not all deals go through.

  4. @ I MISS JUVE, it is called a forum and last time I checked people are entitled to voice their opinions. If you actually read properly, @Kanwar did not mention anyone’s name other than @Gio. I would suggest you make yourself a soy latte, spread your avocados on toast, inhale then exhale. Respect to @Kanwar as he shows to me that is not gullible to believe in everything. Bremer could possibly go to Inter and that is fine. However I am sure he will be up for sale come next summer as your club always seems to not be able to balance their books. At least with Juve, they are able to keep their players and when they are obsolete, they hand them down to Inter. Reminds me of when a bigger brother out grows his clothes and then hands them down to his little brother.

  5. Inter will always sell players with Suning as the owners. But the big difference is having Marrota pulling the strings. He used to do it at Juve when they were at their peak until he was not then decided to leave. Basically as he said it before Italy is viewed as a league that most players want to use so they can move on to other leagues especially the premiere league. Inter for better or worth is already viewed as the selling club but at the same time players from Inter are not cheap. For Dybala he knows if does well at Inter he can have one last big move before his career end. The reality is Inter is in no position like ManCity or PSG to hold on to their biggest stars but at least Inter have someone who can make it sustainable while keeping the team competitive. Players know that to have another big team move elsewhere then you need to be at Inter that’s why Lukaku, Dybala or even Bremer are looking to come. It’ll soon become automatic if it’s not already the case for the best talents with ambitions in the league to move to Inter and I don’t see that as a bad thing at all where the player is guaranteed trophies and a chance to move elsewhere. However if by any chance Suning try anything to limit Marrota which end up in Marrota leaving then that model will no longer be sustainable and Inter will be fighting in a relegation battle.

  6. Solointer? Inter is some sort of a transit port for talents; while the reality is you have to step up as a player right away, else you’ll be shipped through. Plenty of examples to show the best (or at least better) talents have failed because of the pressure and moved on to be decent elsewhere. So no, that’s not a system at Meazza. And it won’t ever be, the olympic minimum is too high by default.
    And without Marotta Inter would be fighting relegation? Uhu. That’s why it’s the only club in the history of Italian football never to have relegated. Because Marotta’s been there since 1908. So good theories and all, but not exactly on point for this club.

  7. Well said solointer,and the best part is most players don’t even want to leave inter, lukaku aside, Hakimi never wanted to leave, Bastoni refused to leave, Skriniar isn’t even pushing for the move, Lautaro didn’t push for the move when spurs came knocking, the players are just happy been at inter. U rarely see such a harmonious atmosphere at clubs these days.

  8. @Jimbo I don’t think you understood what I meant but in short the reality is that in Italy not just with Inter players (talented and ambitious) are just waiting to move on to other better options. Inter are just part of it (with the help of Marrota) making a modern team that will be more suited in that model: That’s the reality. As it stands only Inter have even a chance to challenge in European competitions like CL or even EL. Trophies is what drives a top team and to do so any team needs talents. Another reality is that without Marrota the owners will continue selling without decent replacements.

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