Marotta on players asking to leave and Inter future ambitions

by | May 25, 2022 16:47

Inter CEO Beppe Marotta warns big stars like Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi will continue to move on because Serie A is seen as ‘transitional,’ while their target next season is a ‘top four finish.’

The Nerazzurri won the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana, but finished runners-up to rivals Milan in the Scudetto race, losing out by two points.

There are already reports that Inter must raise €60m from the transfer market this summer, with Alessandro Bastoni the focus of a bidding war between Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Manchester United and more.

Speaking at an event for newspaper Il Mattino, Marotta’s comments did little to reassure Nerazzurri supporters.

“Having 45 years of experience in the world of football, it’s clear that in 2000 we represented the Eldorado of the sport, in terms of financing and success. Many champions came here and saw out their entire careers in Italy, like Diego Armando Maradona.

“Now Serie A is seen as a transitional league, where players arrive and flourish to then move on. We saw the examples last season with Hakimi and Lukaku, who asked to leave.

“We must realise times have changed. In 2000 we had clubs run by rich businessmen who would just write cheques to cover the losses, whereas in England they worked on getting more resources and increasing the value of the product. After 20 years of that approach, the value of the Premier League has given them a four to one advantage over Serie A.

“We missed out because our Presidents and managers lacked long-term vision and the gap has now been created that is difficult to bridge.

“Another problem is that in Italy we don’t have a Minister for Sport, it is something shared with other portfolios. Talents get away because nobody is identifying them at the school level.”

Marotta outlined Inter’s need for ‘sustainability’ and the reduction of costs, so with that in mind, he would not promise another Scudetto push.

“Let’s not forget our objective is to be in the top four who qualify for the Champions League, because that is where many millions are earned that help us run the club.”


  1. Mike

    Beppe gets it. Serie A and rest of leagues in Europe are nothing but feeder leagues into the EPL. Pretty soon clubs like Burnley and Sunderland will be ahead of Real and Inter financially and on the field. There is not need for an ESL when the EPL exists. All of these talented players in Italy are just training and getting themselves to play in England eventually.

  2. InterFan75

    Awesome! Marotta knows already that Allegri will dominate Serie A for 10 next years.

  3. JT

    Spot on Mike! There is a reason it’s Juve, Real and Barca who are pushing for the super league and not Man City Chelsea etc

  4. mike

    JT, that’s not entirely true. City, Chelsea and rest of the so-called big 6 in England were fully onboard with ESL until they received severe backlash. But that’s besides the point. Serie A will be the cuck league for the EPL. Players in Italy will be develop to go to England and then return to Italy when it’s time to retire as sloppy seconds. Sad times for Italy and Clacio.

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