Marotta: ‘Lukaku joined Chelsea because of the money’

by | Oct 22, 2021 10:01

In the second part of his interview with Il Corriere della Sera, Beppe Marotta admits it will take some time to reach an agreement over Marcelo Brozovic’s contract extension and says there isn’t much difference between Edin Dzeko and Romelu Lukaku who joined Chelsea to double his salary.

Marotta discussed the state of Italian football and the steps to take to get over the economic crisis generated by COVID.

Marotta on Serie A economic crisis, PIF rumours and Super League

In the second part of his interview, he focused on the management of the team and the targets of the Nerazzurri this season.

While Lautaro Martinez and Nicolò Barella will soon sign a contract extension with the Serie A champions, Marcelo Brozovic is still not close to reaching an agreement with the club.

The Croatian midfielder sees his contract expire at the end of the season and both Manchester United and Barcelona have been linked with securing his services.

“Barella and Lautaro will extend their contract with a pay rise, we are close,” Marotta said.

“Brozovic’s contract is expiring, it will take more time, but I am confident.”

Edin Dzeko has replaced Romelu Lukaku and the absence of the Belgian striker is not felt at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza as the 35-year-old has scored seven goals in 11 appearances so far.

“Lukaku was sold for €115m and we bought Dzeko for free. On the pitch, there isn’t much difference,” Marotta claimed.

“Lukaku left to double his salary, in Italy these figures can’t exist.

“Today, we can’t make important investments, I wouldn’t be allowed to sign Lukaku for €75m. We need reduced and specific investments.”

What’s his relationship with Antonio Conte?

“We didn’t argue. It is a delicate subject, he should be there to discuss it all together,” Marotta claimed.

“Inzaghi is doing well, he must be given time to know Inter. Perhaps some goals could be avoided. That’s where we need to improve.

“We are ambitious, it’s still early to make judgements, we are on a par with the others, the target remains to qualify for the Champions League.

What will happen if the Nerazzurri receive another big-money offer in the future?

“The player’s desire is always crucial, as a manager I am not worried about selling, but about buying. Right now, there isn’t any club in Italy that can offer a huge salary to a player,” the 64-year-old admitted.

What has the future in store for him?

“Let’s wait for Zhang’s return, I think we can continue together. After the experience at Inter, I will look for something outside from clubs. I like politics and sport, I’d like an institutional role.”


  1. putuco

    haha yeah, Dzeko is more or less like Lukaku sure thing Marotta…
    And calling former Inter players peseteros is not a nice thing too. Lukaku left a lot of money in Inter coffers, be at least thankful

  2. Jimmy

    @putuco where is Marotta unthankful towards Lukaku?
    He just puts things like they are, that’s just being direct.
    Of course Dzeko isn’t up to the same par as the Belgian, but for now he suits the system Inzaghi is envisioning together with the group.
    Keep in mind it was the departure of Conte that drove the whole sportive structure to shatters.
    Combined with the one then-supposed-forced sale, Hakimi, I don’t think Lukaku would do better today than Dzeko is. Keep things in the right perspective, yeah?

  3. SL

    I prefer that he left for the money as anyone of us would do too. Unlike D onnarumma he is not an Italian and has no roots or ties here…its a job.

  4. putuco

    @Jimmy Lukaku not doing better than a 36 years old guy who has struggled for two seasons? lol…. you are delusional. Even if not my cup of tea, Lukaku is in another league compared to Dzeko. If you talk me about Dzeko when arrived at Roma, maybe you would have a point, right now Edin is a has been, deal with it. Inzaghi did not have a problem with Lukaku about tactics, he did not like his exit. And as I said, stating that a player left for the money is classless, but it is Marotta, who would expect class from him
    Perspective lol

  5. Jimmy

    @putuco if you fail to interprete an answer as is and reading what you want, don’t bother to reply. Clearly there’s just one truth in your book. Good luck!

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