Marotta: ‘Inter can aim for Champions League Final’

by | Dec 7, 2021 19:31

Inter director Beppe Marotta admits he did not think they’d be fighting Real Madrid for top spot in their Champions League group after losing their coach and star players, but he won’t rule out going all the way now.

It kicks off at 20.00 GMT, you can follow all the build-up and action as it happens on the LIVEBLOG.

Champions League Liveblog: Real Madrid-Inter and Milan-Liverpool

Both teams are already qualified for the Round of 16, so this is a head-to-head for the top spot in the group.

Considering Antonio Conte’s side crashed out fourth in their group last season, and Inter sold Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi over the summer, did Marotta expect them to be in this position?

“To be honest, no,” confessed Marotta to Sky Sport Italia. “Neither did many other fans or pundits. This is football, sometimes dreams can become reality.

“We achieved qualification with a round to spare and can now be here with a relaxed state of mind challenging for the top spot in the group.”

There are reports that Inter are ready to offer coach Simone Inzaghi a contract extension already.

“The most important thing right now is that Inzaghi has become a very important reference point for the team and he is very happy and proud to represent the club.

“The players step onto the field giving their best, aware they are representing an important club and hoping to give the fans joy. Inzaghi is a great motivator and can organise the team well, but this is a mature group now that doesn’t need to be particularly stimulated.”

Marotta was at the helm of Juventus when they reached the Champions League Final in Max Allegri’s first season after Conte left, so could Inter follow the same pattern?

“I think we have everything needed to achieve that. The Champions League is a knockout tournament, not a league, so there are favourable circumstances that can make a huge difference.

“This group has gained a mentality and experience of this competition, they are more confident at this level and that was a process to get here.

“They also go into this as champions of Italy, having already booked their spot in the Round of 16, so we all hope to bring Inter back to where they have always been.”

Marotta and Zanetti


  1. AK

    Haha inter and all the Italian teams are so far behind the best teams in Europe it’s not even funny.

    Absolutely no chance.


    Inter can aim for the toilet – after today’s loss Inter has to do something they have done in the last 10 years… a game versus a Pot A team ! They only make it through by beating the Pot D team twice and the Pot C team once……. Pot A and Pot B teams have too much quality for this side it’s just that simple

  3. Jim

    Pot rubbish, good Sir. This has got absolutely nothing to do with it X-)

  4. Inter great again

    With 10+ chances but Zero goal is rubbish.


    The Rube fans actually think they can pull it off. Yeah sure, no small teams left really. Liverpool, Chelsea even Ajax will win comfortably and embarrass you guys at the same time. We must ignore Marotta’s words as we know we are not capable. At least we will fight unlike Rube being dictated to with a bus parking, back pass manual. Forza Don Allegri.

  6. Feroli

    It’s unlikely isn’t it.

  7. King

    So much focus on the loss of Lukaku and Hakimi. Many seems to forget we also lost Eriksen

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