Marotta comments on Inter pursuit of Scamacca, Raspadori and Dybala

by | Jan 19, 2022 19:41

Inter director Beppe Marotta hints at interest in ‘Made in Italy’ Sassuolo starlets Gianluca Scamacca, Davide Frattesi and Giacomo Raspadori, while reiterating they will be ‘in the discussion’ should Paulo Dybala leave Juventus.

They face Empoli in the Coppa Italia Round of 16 at 20.00 GMT.

You can follow all the build-up and action as it happens on the LIVEBLOG.

Coppa Italia Liveblog: Inter vs. Empoli

“The Coppa Italia is an objective, because Inter must aim for the maximum in any competition they participate in,” Marotta told Sport Mediaset.

Sassuolo booked their spot in the quarter-final against Juventus, with starlets Scamacca, Frattesi and Raspadori known targets for the Nerazzurri in future.

“It’s natural that big clubs are looking carefully at the talents at Sassuolo, including Inter, and our staff all work together with the intent of reinforcing Inter as much as possible.

“Above all, we are looking out for the Made in Italy element of the transfer market, as that aspect is often overlooked, but Italian football is at the forefront.

“At the same time, we must recognise the qualities of the current squad that is doing so well under Simone Inzaghi. I think we are on the right track to create a real strong core of this team.”

Marotta had said over the weekend that Inter were keeping an eye on Dybala’s situation at Juventus, so he was asked outright if that means he’ll make an offer to sign the Argentine as a free agent.

“What I mean is that when a player of Dybala’s quality is close to the expiry of his contract, it’s only natural he will be linked with other big clubs.

“It is also right to recognise Inter have some excellent forwards who are performing well. The management must be very ambitious in seeking out players who can raise the bar. If we don’t achieve those objectives, it doesn’t matter, the attempt must still be made.

“That means we want to be there in the discussion, although as I said Inzaghi is very happy with the strikers at his disposal.”

Marotta’s contract is also due to expire in June, but he assures there will be no drama here.

“We don’t have agents, so we just need to exchange a glance and everything is understood. We are all happy with how things are going and wish to continue like this. Inter are a prestigious club and a contract extension is only natural, it will be announced at the right time.”

Antonio Conte, Romelu Lukaku and now Achraf Hakimi have all made comments suggesting they miss Inter after leaving over the summer, so what is it about the Nerazzurri that inspires this regret?

“I don’t know, evidently we are very happy at the present for Inter, who are in a spotlight suited to the prestige and history of the club.

“I’d say the appeal of Inter has returned in a very strong way for this glorious club. It makes us all very proud, the club, director, owners and fans.”


  1. Zakcon

    Great job Marotta. We miss you at Juve. Little shame that our Mr. Superleague president belived in Paratici more than stick with the best sport director in Italy.

  2. Jon

    Don’t forget the first thing moratta did after arriving at inter was to rid the club of icardi and his circus for £50m quid.

  3. Brandon

    Bravo Marotta.

    Even though I detest Inter, I love that he is making these words public. I only wish other DoF’s understood this philosophy and had the same ideas. ITALIAN FOOTBALL NEEDS TO BE MORE ITALIAN. Just as other leagues need more homegrown as well. This is why Chivas and Athletic Bilbao hold a special place in my heart. What Roma are doing right now is a shambles. But they will sink with the 2 special jesters they have running the show over there.

    Look no further than they Roma vs Juve match from 2 weeks ago. Cristante and Pellegrini were absolutely destroyed at the Loss. Why? Because they are Italian and know the what it meant. Pellegrini being a Roma Academy products. Any other players look as dejected as these two did? I sure didn’t see it.

  4. frankie

    Italian players give you that grinta. It’s sad to see how many average foreign players play in the mid-to-bottom tier clubs in Italy taking spots away from good young Italian talent that needs development – it should be the opposite.
    As for Dybala going to Inter – keep dreamin’ Marotta. Juve is restarting all contract talks at the end of Feb with all uncontracted players as they will be in a better position to know whether a UCL spot is still feasible.

  5. Tom

    Marotta you think you are champion Time will tell ….you always after Juve when ever we want to sign player traitor … meanwhile dybala will sign his contract by Feb

  6. Debu

    What’s so special about this guy? 🤣🤣🤣

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