Marino: ‘Friendship between Malinovskyi and Miranchuk is an example’

Umberto Marino called the friendship between Atalanta duo Ruslan Malinovskyi and Aleksei Miranchuk ‘an example of what things should be’.

UEFA and FIFA announced today that Russian clubs and the national team will no longer be allowed to compete in their competitions, applying further sporting sanctions to Russia following the invasion of Ukraine last week. Sampdoria wore shirts in the warmup which said ‘We stand for peace’.

Speaking to DAZN ahead of Atalanta’s match against Sampdoria, Marino first discussed Malinovskyi.

“He knows we are very close to him, to him and his family who are going through a stressful period. We can only show solidarity.”

He then provided an update on Miranchuk.

“I think it’s a mirror of what is the boreal status of Russia and Ukraine, one people and the friendship of these two guys proves it. They are living this moment in a special way, we have to respect the state of mind of these guys on an affair that is marking the whole world.”

Finally, Marino discussed the example set by the friendship between the pair.

“It is a sincere friendship between two boys who represent two very similar peoples. It is the mirror of reality. Russia and Ukraine are one country, if you like. The friendship between these two guys is an example of what it should be.”

Malinovskyi has been incredibly outspoken regarding the invasion on his social media pages, sharing images and videos from his country as well as providing links for donations. After scoring in a match against Olympiacos last week, the Ukrainian pulled up his shirt to reveal a message which read ‘No war in Ukraine’.

A win for Atalanta against Sampdoria this evening would put them only three points behind 4th place Juventus.

3 Comments on “Marino: ‘Friendship between Malinovskyi and Miranchuk is an example’”

  1. “Russia and Ukraine are one country, if you like”

    Putin – Yes, I like very much. Send in more tanks

  2. OMG Andy, you made me laugh and I don’t want to in this situation, we both know it’s not funny, but it did make me laugh, I was thinking the same thing! Forza Ukraine!! Finally, good job FIFA……finally.

  3. Andy, I’m always fascinated by how some Italians always manage to put their foot in their mouths. Like Tavecchio’s Opti Poba comment almost 10 years ago now.

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