Marchisio trolls England: ‘Where can I sign the petition?’

by | Jul 21, 2021 13:48

Claudio Marchisio taunts England, saying he is ready to sign the petition to replay the EURO 2020 Final ‘so Italy can win it another 1,000 times.’

There’s still a lot of hype around Italy’s EURO 2020 triumph that came after a hard-fought Final won against England on penalties at Wembley Stadium.

However, Italy’s win came with controversy and with some English fans who even asked to replay the Final because of a Giorgio Chiellini foul on Bukayo Saka.

The England international sprinted past Chiellini, who pulled his opponent to the ground tugging on his collar. The Juventus defender was shown a yellow card, which he accepted without protest.

Former Italy and Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio poured salt into England’s wounds with a tweet where he asked where he could sign the petition, but for all different reasons.

Chiellini, Saka and the English petition: too much mess for a tactical foul

“Where can I sign the petition to replay Italy v England?” he asked.

“So we can win it another 1,000 times.”

Marchisio retired from football in October 2019. He scored five goals in 55 appearances with the Azzurri.



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